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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Bant No Zachary Mcadoo Legacy Legacy for Real Estate 17 @ Taitan Game Shop (Coraopolis, PA) 5-8 19/03/23
Breach Cody Mills Modern Open @ Hunter Burton Memorial 17-32 18/03/23
Ur Murktide Jerry Melton Modern RCQ @ Blue Cat Games (Kelso Washington) 5-8 18/03/23
Ashaya, Soul of the Wild Randy Mestiola cEDH $100 Multi EDH @ Upkeep Hobbies (Philippines) 1 11/03/23
Gut + White Ricky Madrigal Duel Commander Mortalan Kombatan @ Monarch Games (Marikina City, Philippines) 8 11/03/23
Burn Danny Martin Modern RCQ - 1 Slot @ Gamers XP (Shreveport, LA) 3-4 11/03/23
Tortex Cassidy Mcallister Pauper Win-A-Box @ The Brooklyn Strategist (Brooklyn, NY) 2 11/03/23
Creativity Ricky Martindale Modern $20K RCQ (4 Slots) @ SCG CON Charlotte 17-32 04/03/23
Izzet Murktide Anthony Melillo Modern 1K Rockets Series II @ TC's Rockets (San Diego,CA) 5-8 04/03/23
Gut + White Ricky Madrigal Duel Commander TG Friday Duel pod 1 @ Tapped Games (Marikina City, Philippines) 3 24/02/23
Simic Omnitell Gregory Millon Legacy Thursday Legacy Night @ Trollune (Lyon, France) 5-8 23/02/23
Jeskai Spelldancer Gregory Millon Legacy Thursday Legacy Night @ Trollune (Lyon, France) 1 16/02/23
Gut + White Ricky Madrigal Duel Commander Sunday Duel Commander @ Upkeep Hobbies (Philippines) 1 12/02/23
Murktide Anthony Miller Modern $1k RCQ @ Krypton Comics (Omaha, NE) 5-8 11/02/23
BUG Midrange Jimmy Mccarthy Vintage HSI 6 @Team Serious 3-4 11/02/23
Food Chain Gregory Millon Legacy Thursday Night Legacy @ Trollune (Lyon, France) 1 09/02/23
The Ur-dragon Randy Mestiola Duel Commander Shoturday Night Magic @ HBK (Antipolo, Philippines) 2 02/02/23
Food Chain Gregory Million Legacy Thursday Legacy Night @ Trollune (Lyon, France) 1 02/02/23
Amulet Titan Jeremy Miller Modern SEA Championship Qualifier @ Grey Ogre Games (Singapore) 5-8 29/01/23
Selesnya Bogles Mark Anthony Martinez Pauper 30K Main Event @ Contemporary Nook (Marikina City, Philippines) 3-4 28/01/23
Indomitable Creativity Zachary Monahan Modern $2500 Ol' Cranky Man Team Trios @ Game Kastle (Ankeny, IA) 7 21/01/23
Painter Ramy Mansour Legacy Duel for Duals @ Double Looks 2 21/01/23
Painter Zachary Maddox Legacy Duel for Duals @ Double Looks 5-8 21/01/23
4cc Timothy Moore Modern $5K RCQ @ SCG CON New Jersey 5-8 15/01/23
Altar Tron Chefy Meister Pauper Sunday Afternoon @ Neutral Grounds Vertis North (Quezon City, Philippines) 2 15/01/23
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