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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Spirit Aggro Stephen Francis Pioneer NRG Series $5,000 Trial @ Fort Wayne 9-16 06/11/22
Bant Spirits Stephen Francis Pioneer RCQ @ CM Games (Lexington, KY) 5-8 02/11/22
Death's Shadow Stephen Dykman Modern $5,000 Trial @ NRG Series (Newark, Ohio) 5-8 23/10/22
Mono White Control Stephen Magee Standard Open @ The Pizza Box 9-16 16/10/22
Creativity Stephen Snelson Modern RCQ @ Nutmeg Games (Middletown, CT) 5-8 15/10/22
Rakdos Aggro Stephen Francis Pioneer $5k RCQ @ Card Monster Con (Lexington, Ky) 3-4 19/09/22
Tivit Stephen Duel Commander DC @ Ludetopia (France) 3-4 11/09/22
Burn Stephen Dykman Modern $10K @ SCG CON Columbus 5-8 04/09/22
Mono White Control Stephen Magee Standard Slice @ The Pizza Box 3-4 04/09/22
Rakdos Aggro Stephen Francis Modern $20K @ SCG CON Columbus 9-16 02/09/22
Crashing Footfalls Cascade Stephen Dykman Modern $20,000 Team Showdown @ NRG Series (St. Louis) 3 28/08/22
B/r Mid (jegantha) Stephen Snelson Pioneer Regional Championship Qualifier @ Tabletop Gaming Center (Newington, CT) 5 27/08/22
Boros Burn Stephen Sparrow Modern WPN Qualifier @ Athena Games (Norwich, UK) 5-8 14/08/22
Red Deck Wins Stephen Neal Pioneer $2K RCQ @ Misty Mountain Games (Madison, WI) 3-4 13/08/22
Bant Spirits Stephen Peters Pioneer PSBG 4 Team Trios Headliner @ Laughing Dragon MtG (Issaquah, WA) 5-8 31/07/22
4c Yorion Stephen Nicholas Modern Dreamhack Qualifier @ Crazy Squirrel Gamestore (Fresno, CA) 1 30/07/22
Bant Spirits Stephen Peters Pioneer PSBG4 Challenge RCQ @ Laughing Dragon MtG (Issaquan, WA) 2 30/07/22
Br Midrange Stephen Nagy Pioneer RCQ @ Tournament City Games (Frederick, MD) 1 30/07/22
Bug Midrange Stephen Harvey Vintage OK Land Run 2022 @ Game Headquarters, OKC 5-8 24/07/22
Grixis Control Stephen Harvey Legacy Ok Land Run Open @ Game Headquarters (Oklahoma City) 3-4 23/07/22
Tivit, Seller Of Secrets Stephen Helmer Duel Commander DC @ Carta'jeu (Lyon,France) 5-8 10/07/22
Amulet Titan Stephen Puzio Modern $30K @ SCG CON Syracuse 17-32 09/07/22
Yawgmoth Stephen Nicholas Modern Store Championship @ Collector Legion 5-8 09/07/22
Crashing Footfalls Cascade Stephen Behrle Modern RCQ @ CM Games (Lexington, KY) 5-8 05/07/22
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider Stephen Pichereau Duel Commander ZAP Masters 5 @ Palaiseau (France) 9-16 02/07/22
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