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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Nic Fit solnox MTGO Legacy League 1 19/10/19
Painter 2peko MTGO Legacy League 2 19/10/19
BUG Control Stryfo MTGO Legacy League 3 19/10/19
Eldrazi Aggro Maxtortion MTGO Legacy League 4 19/10/19
Loamless hayatatsu MTGO Legacy League 5 19/10/19
Stoneblade kendamarisa MTGO Legacy League 6 19/10/19
Food Griffin TKC55 MTGO Legacy League 7 19/10/19
Reanimator Pennywisse MTGO Legacy League 8 19/10/19
Dragonlord Ojutai Soyer-leroy A. Trial Zap @ Le Temple du Jeu (Brest, France) 1 19/10/19
Isamaru Pestel A. Trial Zap @ Le Temple du Jeu (Brest, France) 2 19/10/19
Grand Arbiter Beguin Y. Trial Zap @ Le Temple du Jeu (Brest, France) 3-4 19/10/19
Akiri Silas Carlier P. Trial Zap @ Le Temple du Jeu (Brest, France) 3-4 19/10/19
Elves LouEvil MTGO Modern League 7 18/10/19
Bant Stoneblade fatkiddestroyers MTGO Modern League 8 18/10/19
Creature's Toolbox Heavenfall MTGO Modern League 1 18/10/19
Grixis Control Quis MTGO Modern League 2 18/10/19
Burn ACG88 MTGO Modern League 3 18/10/19
Hatebear kaosofmind MTGO Modern League 4 18/10/19
Mono Blue Aggro qbturtle15 MTGO Modern League 5 18/10/19
Hatebear reinhardt_logan MTGO Modern League 6 18/10/19
Mardu Knight Ben Stark Mythic Championship V 27 18/10/19
Simic Aggro Shahar Shenhar Mythic Championship V 23 18/10/19
Red Deck Wins Lee Shi Tian Mythic Championship V 7 18/10/19
Bant Golos Mike Sigrist Mythic Championship V 10 18/10/19
Rakdos Aggro Miguel Da Cruz Simões Mythic Championship V Other 18/10/19
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