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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Lutri Red Deck Wins Byvci Community League 10.07 @ Gatherling 8 11/11/20
Kari Zev Alexandre Chevret Trial Master Zap @ La table des jeux (Quimper) 2 08/03/20
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider Christian Agbon (agburn) Battle for Duals @ Tapped games (Marikina City, Philippines) 3-4 29/02/20
Torbran Thane Of Red Fell Gabe Enriquez Year-Starter Special @ Roll Play Game Lounge (Mandaluyong, Philippines) 5-8 04/01/20
Tajic, Legion's Edge Daniel Garcia DC @ The Monkey Planet (Lima, Peru) 2 07/12/19
Kari Zev Jeremiah Maigue DcTg @ Tapped Games (Marikina City, Philippines) 2 02/11/19
Tajic Daniel Garcia Rosell DC fin de Liga @ New Monkey Planet 3-4 05/10/19
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider Christian Agbon (agburn) Sunday Dc @ Tapped Games (Marikina City, Philippines) 1 15/09/19
Trajic, Legion's Edge Pierre "whitespirit" Maynadier Goblin Tournament Commander @ Rodez 3-4 11/08/19
Tajic, Legion's Edge Alban Genest FNM @ Le Temple des Joueurs Rennes 1 28/06/19
Tajic Mika "ereboss" Trial Zap @ Nexus (Muret, France) 5-8 16/06/19
Tajic Alban Genest DC @ Le Temple des Joueur (Rennes, France) 1 11/05/19
Tajic Quentin "senseiidora" Levard Duel Commander @ Nexus (Muret, France) 2 11/05/19
Tajic Remy Gaspard (reyanderson7) Trial Zap @ Asian Gate (Blois) 1 07/04/19
Tajic Flavien "crimelune" Paillet Zap Mars @ Palaiseau (France) 9-16 10/03/19
Tajic, Legion's Edge Michele Atzeni LPP Collecting Tournament @ Arcore (Italy) 1 23/02/19
Tajic Flavien "crimelune" Paillet Master Zap @ Palaiseau (France) 5-8 06/01/19
Kari Zev Josef Cerha Bohemia DC Prague 6th @ Prague 3-4 22/09/18
Zurgo Bellstriker Gabe Enriquez 15k Duel Commander Tournamen (Gatecrashers, Anonas Q.C Philippines) 1 25/02/18
Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch Stephen Baert FNM Duel Commander 02 @ Gaming Goat Geneva 2 20/01/18
Zurgo Bellstriker Gabe Enriquez Duel Commander Philippines 2017 Year End Tournament 5-8 17/12/17
Zurgo Jozef Kutny Duel Commander Tourment Prague 5-8 25/11/17
Zurgo Bellstriker Gabe Enriquez Kick Engines - Duel for Duals (Metro Manila, Philippines) 5 19/11/17
Red Deck Wins Bb_face MTGO Competitive Standard League 3 18/09/17
Red Deck Wins russell_wilson MTGO Competitive Standard League 1 17/09/17
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