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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Fires of Invention Xifos Monday 3rd Qualifier for MagicFest Online Season 2 2 20/04/20
Fires of Invention Itou Takurou First Theros Beyond Death Event @ Hareruya (Fukuoka, Japan) 2 25/01/20
GW Valorj MTGO Sealed ELD Block MOCS 2 22/12/19
Wr bolov0 MTGO Sealed ELD Block MOCS 6 22/12/19
Rb Veveil MTGO Sealed ELD Block MOCS 7 16/12/19
UR zorloth MTGO Sealed ELD Block MOCS 5 16/12/19
WR Valorj MTGO Sealed ELD Block MOCS 4 16/12/19
Gw duofanel MTGO Sealed ELD Block MOCS 3 16/12/19
BG Jpsn54 MTGO Sealed ELD Block PTQ 2 25/11/19
Uw JMM MTGO Sealed ELD Block PTQ 3-4 25/11/19
WG shachmand MTGO Sealed ELD Block PTQ 5-8 25/11/19
Jeskai Friendly Fires Evan Berry WPNQ @ Wizard's Tower (Ottawa, Ontario) 5-8 24/11/19
Fires of Invention Steven Perez Star City Games IQ @ Spring Lake 3-4 23/11/19
Uw baconator5000 MTGO Sealed ELD Block PTQ 3-4 11/11/19
Fires of Invention Fukuji Yuuta Planeswalker Championship @ Hareruya (Japan) 5-8 10/11/19
Jeskai Fires Cavaliers Leonardo Albertini WPNQ @ Playtime Merate (Desio, Italy) 1 10/11/19
Fires of Invention Elton Baring Latam Qualifier @ Point HQ Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 5-8 09/11/19
Fires of Invention Bucknasty691989 MTGO Standard PTQ 12 04/11/19
Fires of Invention Phill_Hellmuth MTGO Standard PTQ 5 04/11/19
Fires of Invention KelMasterP MTGO Standard PTQ 14 04/11/19
Fires of Invention Onin Ac open league 2 03/11/19
Jeskai Fires Burmistrov Aleksey BIG Standard @ Volgo Games (Russia) 5-8 27/10/19
Jeskai Fires Kostenkov Vlad BIG Standard @ Volgo Games (Russia) 3-4 27/10/19
Esper DOOM Cydonia Mythic Championship VII Qualifier Weekend 18 27/10/19
Jeskai Fires Burmistrov Aleksey Standard vlg.daily @ Volgo Games 1 25/10/19
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