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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Mono Black Midrange Boin MTGO Pauper PTQ 18 27/10/19
Mono Black Aggro qbturtle15 MTGO Pauper PTQ 5-8 27/10/19
Mbc Rodney Solidum 5K @ Roll Play Game Lounge (Mandaluyong, PH) 5-8 26/10/19
Mbc Raiff Snow Pauper & the 7s Astrolabe @ Campina Grande (Brazil) 10 20/10/19
Devotion to Black Ixidor29 MTGO Pauper League 1 09/10/19
Devotion to Black MichaelArmando MTGO Pauper Challenge 4 30/09/19
Devotion to Black GLNemesis MTGO Pauper Challenge 2 30/09/19
Mono Black Control deluxeicoff MTGO Pauper League 7 25/09/19
Devotion to Black Caio Pauper League @ Mythos TCG Club 3-4 21/09/19
Devotion to Black VanillaJames MTGO Pauper League 3 18/09/19
Black Beetle Max Walsh Rags to Riches @ Card Kingdom 1 24/08/19
Smallpox Velooo Tournoi mensuel @ Toulouse 2 20/07/19
Devotion to Black MrPrototype MTGO Pauper League 8 17/07/19
Devotion to Black MrPrototype MTGO Pauper Challenge 8 08/07/19
Mono Black Midrange murilobds MTGO Pauper League 5 03/07/19
Mono Black Control Michael Angelo Cabrera Classic Pauper Tourney @ Roll Play Game Lounge (Philippines) 7 29/06/19
Mono Black Midrange murilobds MTGO Pauper League 8 19/06/19
Devotion to Black Kostenkov Vladislav Pauper Vlg.daily @ Volgo Games 3-4 16/06/19
Devotion to Black fishGriselbrand MTGO Pauper Challenge 5 10/06/19
Mono B Land Destruction Davide Patacchiola Pauper Goat @ Top Deck (Porto Sant'Elpidio, Italy) 1 26/05/19
Mbc Kasper Zijl Amsterdam Pauper Series @ Amsterdam, The Netherlands 3-4 11/05/19
Black Devotion Control Rodney Carl Solidum Pauper 5k @ Ongkeco's Hobby Shop (Philippines) 8 11/05/19
Mono Black Control Rodney Carl Solidum 5k Pauper @ Ongkeco's Hobbyshop (Philippines) 1 16/03/19
Jono Special Cameron Sumner RIW Hobbies Spring 1k @ Livonia Michigan 5-8 16/03/19
Mono Black Control Grantfly MTGO Pauper League 2 27/02/19
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