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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Torbran Thane Of Red Fell Gabe Enriquez Year-Starter Special @ Roll Play Game Lounge (Mandaluyong, Philippines) 5-8 04/01/20
Monored Aggro - Kari Zev Martin Czech DC HK+PU - Winter Tournament @ Hradec Králové 4 30/11/19
Kari Zev Jandaud François Bougnat Commander @ Clermont-Ferrand (France) 3-4 10/11/19
Kari Zev Tempez François DC Event @ Mondicourt (France) 4 10/11/19
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider Oleg "oeoe" Evseev Liga Generalov @ Moscow (Russia) 3-4 30/10/19
Kari Zev Francois Jandaud Monthly DC @ Carta'jeu (Lyon, France) 3-4 20/10/19
Tajic, Legion's Edge Lawrence Samaniego Dc M.U @ Mana Underground (Lagro Q.C, Philippines) 2 21/09/19
Judith, The Scourge Diva Emeric "eichimaru" Durdos Tournoi Bi-mensuel @ LaguildeDinan 2 16/08/19
Rdw Tim L Alte Kaserne Winterthur @ Winterthur 2 28/06/19
Grand Warlord Radha Ralph "ralle" Esser Commander FNM @ Hiveworld Cologne 3 22/03/19
Boros Aggro Derek Charles Highlander @ The Gamers' Emporium (London, Ontario) 1 23/08/18
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider Alex Ethier Paper MTGO Commander @ Frogtown Hobbies (Toledo, USA) 4 15/07/18
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider Daniel B. Simon's Support Tourney @ Darmstadt, Germany 1 28/06/18
Zurgo Bellstriker Daniel B. [DDL] Duel Lounge @ Darmstadt (Germany) 1 17/05/18
Zurgo Red Lukas Kamps FNM Hiveworld Cologne 1 23/03/18
Zurgo Bellstriker Audwin Abellera Duel for Masters 25 @ Johnson Gaming (Baguio, Philippines) 3-4 18/03/18
Zurgo Marwan "zibol" Ghandri Commander au VIZZ 3-4 17/03/18
Zurgo Guillaume "odingue" Goddefroy Commander au VIZZ 2 17/03/18
Zurgo David Albers Krefeld "Spielzeit" DC League 1 17/03/18
Zurgo Red Lukas Kamps Monthly League Hiveworld Cologne 2 10/03/18
Zurgo Not So Much Air Sven Müller FNM Hiveworld Cologne 3-4 02/03/18
Zurgo Bellstriker Wilmer Velches 15k Duel Commander Tournamen (Gatecrashers, Anonas Q.C Philippines) 5-8 25/02/18
Zurgo Bellstriker Gabe Enriquez 15k Duel Commander Tournamen (Gatecrashers, Anonas Q.C Philippines) 1 25/02/18
Zurgo Bellstriker Romain Ducros STC " Les sentinelles" 3-4 25/02/18
Zurgo Balls Striker Maxime "makexime" Lemoine STC " Les sentinelles" 3-4 25/02/18
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