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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Mono Black Aggro Eli Plouff The 9th Hamazushi Tournament @ Hamakikaku (Toyama, Japan) 2 25/10/20
Orzhov DOOM Michael Donahue Free Daily @ Owl Central Games 2 19/10/20
UB Mill Orita Tomoharu MMM with Hareruya @ Tournament Center (Osaka, Japan) 5-8 06/09/20
Devotion to Black telsacow MTGO Standard League 8 23/01/20
Mono Black Aggro Bertram MTGO Standard Challenge 2 19/01/20
BG Lennny MTGO Sealed ELD Block MOCS 3 22/12/19
RB Znapcaster MTGO Sealed ELD Block MOCS 2 16/12/19
Jund Sacrifice kbzx MTGO Standard League 6 16/12/19
Jund Midrange Lukas Plevko WPN @ Warp Two 5-8 17/11/19
UW Sephh MTGO Sealed ELD Block PTQ 5-8 11/11/19
Mono Black Affliction Igor Henrique FNM @ Carcara do Paraiso (Recife, Brazil) 7 01/11/19
Mardu Knight Eric Froehlich Mythic Championship V Other 18/10/19
Mardu Knight Ben Stark Mythic Championship V 27 18/10/19
B cherubino MTGO Sealed ELD Block PTQ 2 12/10/19
Zombie Remi Gerard Monthly Win a Box @ Carta'jeu (Lyon, France) 5-8 06/10/19
Rakdos Aggro Kevin Gondowijoyo Open @ Surabaya (Indonesia) 2 06/10/19
Gb JaguarXJ MTGO Sealed ELD Block PTQ 3-4 05/10/19
Sultai Midrange Fizztromancer AetherHub Pre-release Event #2 @ MTGA 9-16 28/09/19
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