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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Battle of Wits ! MattiasNL MTGO Modern Daily (#7620600) 5 04/11/14
Geist of Saint Traft Armel Richard EDH Sud-Est (Valence) 3-4 08/12/13
Bant Aid Bj÷rn Ortmann Highlander Grand Prix X (Maintal) 2 14/04/12
Bant Conscription Jake Miller PTQ Barcelona (Standish, Maine) 2 03/03/12
Bant K.Endiggy Magic-league Modern Tournament #2 8 20/08/11
Mythic Bant Doug McKay PTQ Nagoya (Rochester, New York) 1 10/04/11
Mythic Bant Robbert Menten PTQ Nagoya (Brussels, Belgium) 5-8 05/03/11
Mythic Bant Danny de Rooij PTQ Nagoya (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) 5-8 27/02/11
Mythic Bant Adam Berlin PTQ Nagoya (Hartford, Connecticut) 5-8 26/02/11
Mythic Bant David Mathis PTQ Nagoya (Mobile, Alabama) 3-4 19/02/11
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Vulpi Magic-league 2 13/02/11
Mythic Bant Jonathan Benson PTQ Nagoya (Atlanta, Georgia) 3-4 23/01/11
Mythic Bant Miguel ┴ngel Ferrero PTQ Nagoya (Madrid, Spain) 2 20/01/11
Mythic Bant Sam Gaard PTQ Nagoya (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 5-8 16/01/11
Mythic Bant Orrin Beasely PTQ Nagoya (Burlington, North Carolina) 3-4 16/01/11
Mythic Bant Justin Cavenaugh PTQ Nagoya (Burlington, North Carolina) 3-4 16/01/11
Mythic Bant James Wheeler PTQ Nagoya (Colombus, Ohio) 1 16/01/11
Mythic Bant Brian Six PTQ Nagoya (Colombus, Ohio) 3-4 16/01/11
Mythic Bant Dan Musser PTQ Nagoya (Colombus, Ohio) 5-8 16/01/11
Mythic Bant Ben Friedman PTQ Nagoya (Rockville, Maryland) 5-8 16/01/11
Mythic Bant Tommy Ashton PTQ Nagoya (Rockville, Maryland) 5-8 16/01/11
Mythic Bant James Dykes PTQ Nagoya (Seattle, Washington) 5-8 16/01/11
Mythic Bant Kyle Duncan PTQ Nagoya (Toronto, Canada) 3-4 16/01/11
Mythic Bant stainerson PTQ Nagoya (MTGO #1976688) 3-4 15/01/11
Mythic Bant Conner Russell PTQ Nagoya (Nashville, Tennessee) 5-8 15/01/11
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