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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Dredge toondoslav MTGO Modern Challenge 4 18/08/19
Urza zer1997 MTGO Modern Challenge 3 18/08/19
UrzaTron Bullwinkkle6705 MTGO Modern Challenge 2 18/08/19
Amulet Titan Stabilo MTGO Modern Challenge 1 18/08/19
Scapeshift Sungjin MTGO Modern Challenge 7 18/08/19
Aura Hexproof sneaky robot MTGO Modern Challenge 8 18/08/19
Jund xstaytrue1102 MTGO Modern Challenge 6 18/08/19
Merfolk PowerSerge MTGO Modern Challenge 5 18/08/19
BG Thatted MTGO Sealed M20 Block MCQ 4 18/08/19
GU TopGrinder MTGO Sealed M20 Block MCQ 3 18/08/19
WU TellKou MTGO Sealed M20 Block MCQ 2 18/08/19
Br GMANSokol MTGO Sealed M20 Block MCQ 1 18/08/19
Rg DarkestMage MTGO Sealed M20 Block MCQ 5 18/08/19
RG James_Zhi MTGO Sealed M20 Block MCQ 6 18/08/19
GW KO_Mak MTGO Sealed M20 Block MCQ 7 18/08/19
UW Wasticore MTGO Sealed M20 Block MCQ 8 18/08/19
Oath of Druids k_f_chicken MTGO Vintage League 2 18/08/19
BUG Midrange Deunan MTGO Vintage League 1 18/08/19
Eldrazi Aggro JOANANTON MTGO Vintage League 5 18/08/19
Snapcaster Control ChubbyRain MTGO Vintage League 6 18/08/19
Lavinia Esper Fish DrMuggy123 MTGO Vintage League 7 18/08/19
Mystic Forge MUD Montolio MTGO Vintage League 8 18/08/19
Survival Aggro thelastgnu MTGO Vintage League 4 18/08/19
Dredge mos19990 MTGO Vintage League 3 18/08/19
Amulet Titan Chris Sta. Maria MCQ Richmond @ Pasig City (Philippines) 5-8 17/08/19
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