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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Rb Watchwolf92 MTGO Sealed DAR Block PTQ 5-8 25/06/18
RU Flingg MTGO Sealed DAR Block PTQ 3-4 25/06/18
GW Sturvedog MTGO Sealed DAR Block MOCS 3 11/06/18
Ur kuroro MTGO Sealed DAR Block MOCS 7 11/06/18
Ru billster47 MTGO Sealed DAR Block PTQ 5-8 28/05/18
GB Yanatoy MTGO Sealed DAR Block PTQ 5-8 21/05/18
RW SteinwayDK MTGO Sealed DAR Block PTQ 5-8 14/05/18
Zurgo The Displeaser Alexander Fingerov St. Petersburg Big DC Event 5-8 14/05/17
RDW - FunPolice Patrik Terp FNM Highlander Tournament 1 16/01/15
RDW Konstantin Lorenz Highlander Grand Prix IX (Hanau) 1 08/01/12
RG Beats Christian Grosmayer Highlander Grand Prix IX (Hanau) 5-8 08/01/12
RDW Claus Diefenbach Highlander Grand Prix VIII (Frankfurt) 5-8 02/02/11
RG Beatz Jochen Korbel Highlander Grand Prix VI (Aachen) 3-4 12/12/08
RG Burnination Simon Görtzens Highlander Grand Prix IV 3-4 01/12/07
Zoo Jörn Hintzes Highlander Grand Prix IV 2 01/12/07
Boros Geddon Lisa Franks Highlander Grand Prix IV 5-8 01/12/07
RG Aggro Georg Beltle Highlander Grand Prix III (Bochum) 5-8 16/06/07
Münster RDW Jens Krause Highlander Grand Prix I (Dortmund) 2 06/11/05
Münster RDW Daniel Barenhoff Highlander Grand Prix I (Dortmund) 3-4 06/11/05
RG Beats Jonas Gromann Highlander Grand Prix I (Dortmund) 5-8 06/11/05
Münster RDW Ulf Reimers Highlander Grand Prix I (Dortmund) 5-8 06/11/05
Machinehead Tom Van de Logt Worlds 2001 (Toronto) 1 12/08/01
RDW Michael Turian Worlds 2001 (Toronto) 5-8 12/08/01
Machinehead Joost Vollebregt Worlds 2001 (Toronto) Day 1 undefeated 12/08/01
R/G Ryan Fuller Pro Tour Tokyo 2001 5-8 18/03/01
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