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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
UR Ensoul Artifact Beicodegeia MTGO Pioneer Challenge 10 17/02/20
Rakdos Aggro Tokuyama Yuutarou WPNQ @ Hareruya (Japan) 2 16/02/20
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Alexander S. [DDL] 3rd German DC Event @ Darmstadt, Germany 3-4 16/02/20
Gr Aggro Wesley Shaw MTG First Circuit 1k @ MTG First Game Center 5-8 15/02/20
Kraum + Tymna Epi Ibanez Saturday Duel Commander @ Fulcrum ESports (Philippines) 1 15/02/20
Mono Red Aggro Moritz M. World Champ. Viewing Party @ TCG Warehouse (Leipzig) 4 15/02/20
Akiri + Silas Luis Kamper Hiveworld FNM @ Cologne (Germany) 2 14/02/20
Golgari Aggro Venom1 MTGO Standard League 4 13/02/20
Adventure mishka0817 MTGO Standard League 6 13/02/20
Golgari Aggro Venom1 MTGO Standard Premier 8 10/02/20
Adventure Phillip Stanley Star City Games Classic Philadelphia 2 09/02/20
Mono Green Aggro Saitou Shougo God of Standard Trial @ Hareruya (Japan) 3-4 08/02/20
Mono Black Aggro Russell Lee Star City Games Team Open Philadelphia 3-4 08/02/20
UR Ensoul Artifact Markus Thibeau Friday Pioneer PTQ @ MagicFest Phoenix 5-8 07/02/20
Rakdos Aggro Venom1 MTGO Standard League 3 06/02/20
Tymna + Kraum Josh Fuentes Thursday Night Duel @ Tapped Games (Marikina City, Philippines) 1 06/02/20
Prowess Deck Wins Roberto De Bortoli Arcana Tournament 5-8 02/02/20
Heliod Life Rio "dmyr" Diego DC @ Le Noctambulle (Louviers, France) 1 02/02/20
Mono Black Aggro Abraham Stein Star City Games Classic Richmond 3-4 02/02/20
UR Ensoul Taiki Yamashita Grand Prix Nagoya 3-4 01/02/20
UR Ensoul Artifact Sinichi Ito Grand Prix Nagoya 5-8 01/02/20
Big Red Hirotaka Kawasaki Grand Prix Nagoya 5-8 01/02/20
UR Ensoul Aniol Alcaraz Coca PT Brussels 2020 01/02/20
Mono-Black Aggro Fabrizio Anteri PT Brussels 2020 01/02/20
UR Ensoul Joel Calafell PT Brussels 2020 01/02/20
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