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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Doran, The Siege Tower Stefan Grijincu DC LIGA Uvaly @ Úvaly 7 19/07/20
Dark Covid Rafael Obrusnik 6ş Legacy na Quarentena @ Brasil 3-4 31/05/20
Mono Green Stompy Ludwig Sacramento Roll Play Modern Tournament @ Philippines 3 15/06/19
Ludevic Thrasios Jan Kousal DC Bohemia - Spring Tournament @ Hradec Králové 3 30/03/19
Golgari Aggro Masayasu Tanahashi Grand Prix Shizuoka 5-8 01/12/18
Nic Fit Jesus Palacios SCG Classic @ Las Vegas (Nevada) 2 18/11/18
Gr Dinosaurs Mtgsage MTGO Standard PTQ 3 11/11/18
BUG Midrange nevilshute MTGO Competitive Vintage League 5 30/09/18
Gw dreichley MTGO Sealed M19 Block PTQ 5-8 25/09/18
Golgari Elves John Khalil Inductivo PPTQ @ Kick Engines (Quezon City, Philippines) 5-8 22/09/18
WU sabboth MTGO Sealed M19 Block MOCS 3 26/08/18
RB felider MTGO Sealed M19 Block PTQ 5-8 13/08/18
BG Pingo7637 MTGO Sealed M19 Block PTQ 3-4 06/08/18
Vizier Company Takaya Syouichi Chiba 2018 Modern Side Event @ Chiba 3-4 22/07/18
BU SIN MTGO Sealed M19 Block MOCS 8 22/07/18
GU General Kale MTGO Sealed M19 Block MOCS 5 22/07/18
GW zachattack23 MTGO Sealed M19 Block PTQ 3-4 16/07/18
Gruul Midrange Mox_Emperor MTGO Competitive Modern League 3 13/07/18
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