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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Bant Control Benjamin Stark 2020 Mythic Invitational 129-256 11/09/20
Mono Green Aggro Shawn Montgomery SCG Tour Online - Challenge @ Star City Games 3-4 30/07/20
Mono Green Aggro Shawn Montgomery Monday Night Magic @ Plague League 2 28/07/20
Simic Reclamation Control John Jerson Po TDvsCOVID-19 Online Series @ Top Deck Games and Hobbies 2 27/06/20
Klothys, God Of Destiny Sunnysid Commander League S1 Wood 1 15/05/20
Temur Adventures Luke Sheeley WPN Qualifier @ Mayhem Comics (Des Moines, IA) 4 14/03/20
Hour of Promise Ramp Danilo Weigel Battle @ BB-Spiele (Rosenheim, Germany) 3-4 30/11/19
Temur Reclamation Nakajima You Emperor of Standard Qualifier @ Hareruya (Japon) 3-4 10/11/19
Simic Flash Sasayama Shin Win a Throne of Eldraine Box @ Hareruya (Japan) 5-8 22/10/19
Ug Nexus Of Fate Ezekailles MTG [FR] Standard League #3 @ Magic Arena /Online/ Discord 5-8 26/09/19
Nexus Reclamation Kitagawa Hiroyuki God of Standard Trial @ Hareruya (Japan) 5-8 23/09/19
Nexus Reclamation Oyaizu Keigo Shop Trial for The Finals 2019 @ Hareruya (Japan) 3-4 23/09/19
Bant Nexus Walter Coquemala LatAm Magic Series @ Mythos TCG Club 3-4 22/09/19
Nexus Reclamation Waifugate Fandom Legends 9-16 15/09/19
Simic Nexus Ralph Kenneth Taganile Gameswalker 50K @ Bacolod City (Philippines) 3-4 14/09/19
Nexus Reclamation Felipe Guzman LatAm Magic Series @ La forja de Stone 1 10/09/19
Nexus Reclamation Stefan Stappung LatAm Magic Series @ La forja de Stone 2 10/09/19
Nexus Reclamation levunga21 MTGO Standard League 5 02/09/19
Bant Nexus Benjamin Odell NRG Series Standard CTQ @ North Liberty, Iowa 3-4 31/08/19
Bant Nexus Ben Odell OCM $1k @ NRG CTQ (North Liberty, IA) 4 31/08/19
Nexus Reclamation Chris Ray Star City Games IQ @ Spring Lake 3-4 31/08/19
Nexus Reclamation s_murph729 MTGO Standard League 6 29/08/19
Nexus Reclamation Ondřej Stráský Fandom Legends 5-8 25/08/19
Nexus Reclamation Rafael Batista Liga T2 @ Geek Pit 1 19/08/19
Nexus Reclamation Ramzamela7 MTGO Standard League 1 12/08/19
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