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Deck Player Format Event Level Rank Date
Infect Olivier Hinfray Modern Event de Noël REM @ Le Vizz (Rouen, France) 3-4 05/12/21
Fynn, The Fangbearer Jason Lam Duel Commander RJ Cup 2021 #16 @ League Castle (Mong Kok, Hong Kong) 2 01/05/21
Fynn, The Fangbearer Jason Lam Duel Commander RJ Cup 2021 #14 @ League Castle (Mong Kong, Hong Kong) 2 10/04/21
Fynn, The Fangbearer Jason Lam Duel Commander RJ Cup 2021 #13 @ Mong Kok (Hong Kong) 3-4 27/03/21
Infect Tobias Hüser Modern Traderliga @ Dülmen 8 17/02/19
Rafiq Of The Many Julien Lagardère Duel Commander Duel Commander @ Jeux Barjo 2 09/12/18
Partner Dredge-like (Tana Silias) Kevin Lemarchand Duel Commander DC Pont'Au @ Lieuray (27) 3-4 10/10/18
The Mimeoplasm Pedro "palestino" Yago MTGO Commander Liga Ludovicense de MTGO Commander - Season 6 (16/09/17) 5-8 16/09/17
The Mimeoplasm Denis Balandin Duel Commander Ginger Cat Duel Commander Tournament (Chelyabinsk, Russia) 1 05/12/15
The Mimeoplasm EpiCycle1 Duel Commander Hobby MTG Duel Commander Tournament (Singapore) 5-8 07/11/15
The Mimeoplasm Andrey Chaginsky Duel Commander Liga Generalov Vesni (Moscow, Russia) 5-8 06/06/15
The Mimeoplasm Yuriy Lata Duel Commander Second Commander Open (Moscow, Russia) 1 07/12/14
The Mimeoplasm Jiri Patocka Duel Commander MKM Commander (Hradec Kralove, Czech republic) 3-4 11/10/14
The Mimeoplasm Romain Sacaze Duel Commander Commander de la rentrée (Libourne) 5-8 14/09/14
The Mimeoplasm Claudio Barrera Duel Commander Duel Commander League - Nueve Titanes (Temuco, Chile) 5-8 16/03/14
The Mimeoplasm Thomas Bagdadlian Duel Commander Link Commander Challenge 2 (Nîmes) 5-8 23/02/14
The Mimeoplasm Mickael Bernard Duel Commander EDH2 @ BoM8 (Paris) 2 03/11/13
Ooze your Daddy Laurent Fort-Royal Duel Commander Win-a-box@MC (Paris) 5 24/08/13
The Mimeoplasm Aurèle Tourrière Duel Commander EDH Troll2jeux (Paris) 3-4 22/06/13
The Mimeoplasm me77oi Duel Commander SoCal Duel Commander (Chino Hills, CA) 2 23/02/13
Infect vxv Standard MTGO Standard Daily (#4368235) 5 22/09/12
Infect DanielMoura Standard MTGO Standard Daily (#4368263) 3 22/09/12
Infect Alakai Standard MTGO Standard Daily (#4150942) 3 06/08/12
The Mimeoplasm Lionel "Hannibal44" Galliere Duel Commander EDH (Saint-Nazaire) 6 01/04/12
Gr Infect Nevadyzm Standard MTGO Standard Daily (#2562968) 3 09/07/11
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