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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Sram Orzhov i_dont_know MTGO Pioneer Challenge 1 17/02/20
Karlov Alexis Roman Zap Janvier @ Palaiseau (France) 9-16 12/01/20
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Ondřej Smetana Pre-Christmas Najada Dc @ Prague 3-4 07/12/19
Karlov, Ghost Council Chris Sta. Maria Tournament For a Cause @ Mana Underground (Quezon City, Philippines) 1 24/08/19
Mardu Death's Shadow Tuomas Tuominen Euro Modern Series Qualifier @ Oh My Game (Vantaa, Finland) 3-4 03/08/19
Martyr Life Jack Chambers SCG Modern IQ @ Newington 6 28/07/19
Wb Death And Taxes Tyler Marklyn "There Can Only Be One, Eh?" 3 @ Mox Boarding House (Seattle) 3-4 13/07/19
Niv Mizzet Reborn Iris Glane Trial Zap Masters @ Asian Gate (Blois, France) 4 30/06/19
Karlov Alexis Roman Zap Mars @ Palaiseau (France) 9-16 10/03/19
Alesha Combo Bombardement Nathalie Vieh AmicaleRolistesRetraités #11 @ Carnac 3-4 28/10/18
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Chris Sta. Maria Regran October DC Tournament @ Regran Toys and Collectibles 2 28/10/18
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Richson Carl Ho Ngo Duel Commander @ Playground Hobby Cafe (Philippines) 3-4 06/10/18
Queen Marchesa Nick Stamn FNM Duel Commander 05 @ Geneva Gaming Goat, IL 2 10/08/18
Queen Marchesa Nick Stamn Duel Commander @ Gaming Goat Geneva, IL 1 05/08/18
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Mathieu Cloux French Nationals Side Event @ Muret (France) 3-4 21/07/18
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Jeppe Risager MP, Monthly Duel-commander 2 24/06/18
Tribal Zoo Mark Nielsen Modern IQ @ Top 8 Gaming, Niagara Falls (Canada) 3-4 17/06/18
Karlov Matthieu Cloux Tournoi des ZAPS - Juin @ Palaiseau (France) 9-16 17/06/18
Death's Shadow Trevor Harris SCG Invitational Qualifier Falls Church 5-8 08/04/18
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Chris Sta. Maria Duel for Masters 25 @ Johnson Gaming (Baguio, Philippines) 5-8 18/03/18
Karlov Missile Alexis "strange" Roman Demonic Tournament Commander #9 Main event DC 2 24/02/18
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Jeppe Risager Magic Player - Monthly Duel 2 17/02/18
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Ondrej Smetana Duel Commander Tournament Prague 3rd 5-8 10/02/18
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Alexis "strange" Roman Planeswalker Tournament Commander 3-4 27/01/18
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Yves Bausa 15K Duel Commander Tournament [Gatecrashers Anonas, Philippines] 1 21/01/18
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