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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Tymna Thrasios Enchanteresse Jeff Berlou AmicaleRolistesRetraités #11 @ Carnac 2 28/10/18
Leylines - Opalescence Bhavik Patel Vincent Ashmen Legacy Trophy. @ Nexus Games Palmerston North 5-8 21/07/18
Enchantress Thiago Bellot 31º Alpha Legacy 7 17/02/18
Enchantress's Presence Fjaulnir MTGO Competitive Legacy League 2 02/12/17
Opalescence Alexis Butard MagicCorp Classic Legacy 3-4 27/05/17
Jenara, Asura of War William Pinaud Tournoi de pré Noël (Limoges) 2 02/12/12
Rafiq of the Many - Enchantress Susumu Katano 15th COP:MTG Cup (Japan) 3-4 04/05/09
GWr enchantress Joris "Banzai" Gontier Magic Corporation Avril 2008 (France) 5-8 19/04/08
Replenish Tom Van de Logt Worlds 2000 (Brussels) 5-8 06/08/00
UW Opalescence Kyle Rose US Nationals 2000 5-8 11/06/00
Green / White Brian Selden (Game Empire) Pro Tour Washington D.C. 1999 (Team) 2 05/09/99
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