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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Ultra Nissa Agustin Ireneo Sunday DC @ Contemp nook (Marikina City, Philippines) 1 11/10/20
Omnath, Locus Of Creation Jingting,wu Chicken-Pie Cup @ FanYun Store (NanJing, China) 1 08/10/20
Azusa, Lost But Seeking Yao Yao 111th "New Year Cake" Cup @ Shanghai (China) 2 04/09/20
Valakut SgtMcMuffins MTGO Modern League 1 01/09/20
Azusa, Lost But Seeking Idris Achouri Duel Commander @ Le Vizz (Rouen, France) 3-4 29/08/20
Valakut tcgshin MTGO Modern League 6 28/08/20
Sultai Yorion Control McWinSauce MTGO Pioneer Preliminary 2 29/07/20
Saffi Eriksdotter Laetitia Prigent Mardi Magic @ Sortilèges (Vannes, France) 1 14/07/20
Thrasios + Kraum Pan Liangchen 45th DC Cup @ Shanghai (China) 1 13/06/20
Uro, Titan Of Nature's Wrath Chu Xiaoyi Naya TJ Cup @ Jinan(China) 2 31/05/20
Uro, Titan Of Nature's Wrath Wang Renke 103rd "New Year Cake" Cup @ Shanghai(China) 1 16/05/20
Azusa, Lost But Seeking Marie Ullbrich 3rd Xmage Quarantine League @ Leipzig 2 14/05/20
Bant Control MagicalHack99 MTGO Pioneer League 12 30/04/20
Bant Yorion Control conormc530 MTGO Pioneer League 7 27/04/20
Bant Yorion Control Wicki MTGO Pioneer League 5 23/04/20
Bant Control albertoSD MTGO Pioneer Super Qualifier 15 23/04/20
Sultai Delirium thugnificent32 MTGO Pioneer Super Qualifier 16 23/04/20
Bant Yorion Control gnorilgrande MTGO Pioneer Preliminary 1 22/04/20
Shalai, Voice Of Plenty Jonas Kretzschmar 1st Xmage Quarantine League @ Leipzig 1 08/04/20
Uro, Titan Of Nature's Wrath He Ying 99th "New Year Cake" Cup @ Shanghai (China) 1 29/03/20
Golgari Delirium Control edward40hands MTGO Pioneer League 10 23/03/20
Golgari Traverse Aggro edward40hands MTGO Pioneer Super Qualifier 13 22/03/20
Sultai Delirium Mythic_meebo MTG 4 Charity 9-16 21/03/20
Azusa, Lost But Seeking Pierre Abrial Commander 1 @ Jeuxdredi (Hyeres, France) 2 23/02/20
Azusa Randy Mestiola DC Showdown @ Roll Play Game Lounge (Mandaluyong City, Philippines) 2 23/02/20
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