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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Emmara Guzmán Pelaez Duel Commander Shark Games @ Málaga (Spain) 2 01/03/20
Uwr Control Teodor Sundberg Legacy 1k Challenge @ Stockholm, Sweden 3-4 09/06/19
Uw Control Teodor Sundberg GPT MKM Paris @ Stockholm (Sweden) 5-8 05/05/19
Oloro, Ageless Ascetic Jonathan Beer MTGO Commander FNM @ Elder Dragon (Petrópolis-Brasil) 3-4 20/10/17
UW Control mnaglich MTGO Modern Constructed League 2 22/02/16
UW Control benefitness MTGO Modern Constructed League 2 01/02/16
Sharuum the Hegemon Richard Glassner Clash of Commanders 2 (Bratislava, Slovakia) 1 28/09/14
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Randy De Rueda – Team Chopsuey Manila Duel Commander May 2013 (Quezon City, Philippines) 1 19/05/13
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Christophe Hostettler EDH @ BoM7 (Annecy) 6 09/05/13
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV "Teyi" Tournoi Cockatrice MTGSalvation 4 18/04/13
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Jérôme Jouenne EDH (Caen) 3 14/04/13
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Yan Lorente Coupe de France Commander 2012 (Vitry-le-François) 5 11/11/12
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Yan Lorente Qualificatif CDF de la dernière chance (Vitry-en-Perthois) 3 10/11/12
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Yan Lorente EDH (Saint-Nazaire) 5 01/04/12
Urza Eldrazi Gavin Bennett PTQ Barcelona (Portland, Oregon) 5-8 18/02/12
Gift Tron TooSwiss MTGO Modern Daily (#3193466) 3 03/01/12
Eldrazi Tron TheStoneColdNuts MTGO Modern Daily (#3193419) 1 02/01/12
Urza Eldrazi TheStoneColdNuts MTGO Modern Daily (#3193457) 4 02/01/12
Eldrazi Gift IslandsMcCloaks MTGO Modern Daily (#3193377) 1 01/01/12
Gift The_Co MTGO Modern Daily (#3193270) 1 30/12/11
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Nicolas "thorgal666" François Nationaux 2011 - EDH Side Event (La Rochelle) 5-8 24/07/11
Mono White Control Jonathan Job PTQ Nagoya (San Antonio, Texas) 1 26/03/11
Mono White Control Jeremiah A. Haney PTQ Nagoya (Seattle, Washington) 1 12/03/11
UW Control Doug Asp PTQ Nagoya (Toronto, Canada) 5-8 16/01/11
Rhys the Redeemed Guillaume "mastman" Letizia Ligue EDH (Lille) 2 21/11/10
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