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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Torbran Ping And Burn Joey Moon Saturday DC @ Epic Loot (Centerville Dayton, Ohio) 1 11/11/19
Red Deck Wins Oreshkin Dmitriy Volgograd DC daily 2 @ Volgo Games 3-4 09/11/18
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider Daniel B. Simon's Support Tourney @ Darmstadt, Germany 1 28/06/18
Zurgo Bellstriker Daniel B. [DDL] Duel Lounge @ Darmstadt (Germany) 1 17/05/18
Zurgo Guillaume "odingue" Goddefroy Commander au VIZZ 2 17/03/18
Zurgo Bellstriker Gabe Enriquez 15k Duel Commander Tournamen (Gatecrashers, Anonas Q.C Philippines) 1 25/02/18
Zurgo Bellstriker Charlie Cisneros DCT #3 - GTC - Cantuarias - Lima Peru 5-8 17/02/18
Zurgo Bellstriker Chris Villanueva 15K Duel Commander Tournament [Gatecrashers Anonas, Philippines] 5-8 21/01/18
Zurgo Lukas Kamps Hiveworld Cologne FNM 1 05/01/18
Zurgo Bellstriker Gabe Enriquez Duel Commander Philippines 2017 Year End Tournament 5-8 17/12/17
Zurgo Jozef Kutny Duel Commander Tourment Prague 5-8 25/11/17
Zurgo Bellstriker Gabe Enriquez Kick Engines - Duel for Duals (Metro Manila, Philippines) 5 19/11/17
Zurgo, The Bellstriker Jakub Kral Init Duel Commander (Prague) 3-4 30/09/17
Zurgo Le Sonneur François Cloux Tournoi des Zaps 5-8 25/06/17
Zurgo Bellstriker Michael Trial Legendary Tournament Commander 2 11/06/17
Zurgo Bellstriker Jackson Azarcon GP Manila 2017 Duel Commander 5-8 03/06/17
Zurgo The Displeaser Alexander Fingerov St. Petersburg Big DC Event 5-8 14/05/17
Zurgo Bellstriker Dale Madrinan Duel Commander: Battle for Masterpiece 1/3 4 30/04/17
Zurgo Matthieu Habersetzer Clash of Commanders Libourne 6 09/04/17
Zurgo Bellstriker Kael Leonardo PC Butlers Duel Commander 3-4 18/03/17
Zurgo Bellstriker Alexander Efimov Krasnodar Winter League 2017 3-4 14/03/17
Zurgo Bellstriker Jeynald Badayos Ka Saturnament: Magic for a Cause (Quezon City, Philippines) 4 05/03/17
Zurgo le sonneur Matthieu Habersetzer Libourne is Magic 3-4 22/01/17
Zurgo le sonneur David Boyer Libourne is Magic 5-8 22/01/17
Zurgo Guillaume Venny ZAP Palaiseau Janvier 5-8 22/01/17
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