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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Questing Beast Claude "meuz" Roger Zap Janvier @ Palaiseau (France) 9-16 12/01/20
Mono Green Stompy Abel Farré Open @ Magic Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) 3-4 02/11/19
Mono Green Stompy Ludwig Sacramento Roll Play Modern Tournament @ Philippines 3 15/06/19
Mono Green Aggro Sakamoto Hiroyuki Holiday Modern @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 14/04/19
Mono Green Stompy Ludwig Sacramento Coco Modern Tournament @ Philippines 8 06/04/19
Grand Warlord Radha Ralph "ralle" Esser Commander FNM @ Hiveworld Cologne 3 22/03/19
Surrak, the Hunt Caller Alexandre "OneSauk" Benac Zap Mars @ Palaiseau (France) 9-16 10/03/19
Mono Green Aggro Sakamoto Hiroyuki Modern Cup @ Hareruya (Japan) 5-8 03/03/19
Surrack, The Hunt Caller Pat Shembri Tournoi des Trolls @ Pierrelatte (France) 3-4 03/03/19
Surrak, The Hunt Caller Arnaud Vallon-dauvergne Angelic Tournament Commander 8 @ Valence, France 5-8 24/02/19
Surrak, the Hunt Caller Alexandre "OneSauk" Benac ZAP November @ Palaiseau (France) 5-8 11/11/18
Mono Green Stompy Sylvester Bergado PPTQ @ 3J Hobby Shop (Dumaguete, Philippines) 3-4 18/08/18
Mono Green Stompy Alexander Feige Modern Event #3 Modern Event Ravensburg 5 11/03/18
Mono-green Stompy Mathew Stone PPTQ Rivals of Ixalan (Huntsville, Texas) 5-8 09/09/17
Mono G Draghetto-aggro Dion Sabel Berlin FNM 3-4 23/06/17
Mono-green Stompy Andrew Son Fire & Dice S1 2017 Invitational 3-4 03/06/17
Mono Green Aggro Patrick Villard Carta'Jeu monthly modern 3-4 08/01/17
Mono Green Aggro phaircaron MTGO Competitive Modern Constructed League 3 18/08/16
Mono Green Aggro Iplay MTGO Competitive Modern Constructed League 6 08/07/16
MGA Zerox GP Strasbourg 4 12/06/16
Mono Green Aggro ClarkKibodeaux MTGO Competitive Modern Constructed League 2 06/06/16
Bant Midrange Gabriel Silvarredonda Canadian Highlander Weekly 5-8 23/05/16
Mono Green Aggro Joseph Nokes Grand Prix Los Angeles 2016 - Trial Winners 1 21/05/16
Mono Green Aggro InFx MTGO Modern Constructed League 4 10/04/16
Gruul Midrange Manuel H. MKM Series Frankfurt 6 14/02/16
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