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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Brallin + Shabraz Yixuan,bu Chicken-Pie Cup @ FanYun Store (NanJing, China) 3-4 08/10/20
Shabraz & Brallin Yixuan,bu Chicken-Pie Cup @ FanYun Store (NanJing,China) 4 05/09/20
Gallia (domri En Bouche) Sébastien Martinez Big @ Universal Games (Cavaillon, France) 5-8 23/08/20
Anje Reanimator Jonathan Goumain DC tournament @ Geek Factory (Lamballe, France) 5-8 15/08/20
Gallia Of The Endless Dance Claudio Reis-marigo Event @ Relic (Toulouse, France) 1 02/08/20
Boros Cycling Aggro Anthony Lawrence Secret Lair Ultimate Edition FNM @ Game Corps 2 16/05/20
Red Deck Wins Menp777#13848 Tuesday 2nd Qualifier for MagicFest Online 1 05/05/20
Fire of Invention Killer618#46639 April 11 - 5th Qualifier for MagicFest Online 2 11/04/20
Gallia of the Endless Dance Crimelune COVID Biquette DC3 @ OnLine 1 02/04/20
Jeskai Fires Iktis AetherHub Community Tournament @ MTGA 5-8 02/11/19
RW tomchoma MTGO Sealed M20 Block MCQ 8 03/09/19
Anje Falkenrath Leonid Bogachev Commander Daily Volgograd @ Volgo Games 3-4 23/08/19
Ru Melkor8 MTGO Sealed M20 Block MCQ 3 19/08/19
RG namclab_b MTGO Sealed M20 Block MCQ 4 12/08/19
W DrGuldan MTGO Sealed M20 Block MCQ 4 14/07/19
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