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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Ur Dynavolt Claudio Bomfim FNM @ Carcara do Paraiso (Recife, Brazil) 8 08/11/19
Ur Dynavolt Edson Santana FNM @ Carcara do Paraiso (Recife, Brazil) 6 25/10/19
Blast From The Past Dima Bytsiuk Store Championship M19 @ Back to Games (Abu Dhabi) 8 14/09/18
Esper Control Zach Allen Grand Prix Pittsburgh 2018 5-8 24/06/18
Grixis Tower Herval Tortorelli PPTQ Atlanta House of Cards @ House of Cards, Santos, São Paulo, Brazil 3-4 26/05/18
Grixis Dynafall Steven Silverio Store Champions League (Ixalan) 2 24/02/18
Ur Dynavolt Gustavo Suna INSIDE GAMES - PPTQ 5-8 20/01/18
Bant Dynavolt Control Adrian Davis New Year Win A Case @ Meta Breakers 2 01/01/18
Yore Fernando Sipión Store Championship "La cueva del gato" 3-4 28/12/17
Temur Tempo Andrea Biaggi BruteForceGames PPTQ Dominaria 5-8 15/10/17
Temur Tower Danker MTGO Competitive Standard League 4 17/08/17
Izzet Tower Znapcaster MTGO Standard MOCS 5-8 06/08/17
Temur Control Zach Allen SCG Open Cincinnati 9-16 16/07/17
Temur Tower cdr10 MTGO Competitive Standard League 6 08/07/17
Izzet Control Tyrannical MTGO Competitive Standard League 8 25/06/17
Sneak Show Yasuda Masayuki Known Magicians Clan - 79th 5-8 17/06/17
UB Control Daniel Hamblen SCG Classic - Charlotte 5-8 11/06/17
Temur Tower Geoff Mullin SCG Classic - Charlotte 5-8 11/06/17
Izzet Control ht991122 MTGO Competitive Standard League 9 03/06/17
Ur Control Jayson Litton Standard PPTQ Albuquerque 3-4 27/05/17
Izzet Control JMRCeth MTGO Competitive Standard League 2 26/05/17
Izzet Control thekid MTGO Competitive Standard League 8 25/05/17
Izzet Control Niels Noorlander Grand Prix Santiago 2017 5-8 21/05/17
Temur Tower Raja Sulaiman SCG Classic Louisville 2 21/05/17
Temur Tower Yasin Aral SCG Classic Louisville 3-4 21/05/17
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