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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Surrak Dragonclaw Emilien Pichereau Viking Commander Battle (Caen) 3-4 06/12/15
Surrak Dragonclaw Emilien Pichereau La Guilde des Joueurs (Le Mans) 1 15/11/15
Ruhan of the Fomori Orfeo Lombardo Ratti Summer of Legnate (Italy) 3-4 13/09/15
Twin Exarch Siro Fernasce TLA - Super Modern Verano 5-8 26/07/15
Twin Exarch Alex Johnson SCG Premier IQ - Chicago 2 19/07/15
Boremandos Sonzogni Andrea Modern@MagicLair 8 02/09/12
Grixis Control Zach Jesse PTQ Nagoya (Madison, Wisconsin) 5-8 05/03/11
RUG Control Brad Sesit PTQ Nagoya (Orlando, Florida) 3-4 13/02/11
RUG Control Paul McCann PTQ Nagoya (Garden City, Michigan) 5-8 12/02/11
R/U/G Control Alex Bertoncini PTQ Nagoya (Atlanta, Georgia) 5-8 23/01/11
Cruel Control Andrew Van Leeuwen PTQ Nagoya (Toronto, Canada) 2 16/01/11
4-Color Control Adiref Magic-League Extended Trial 2 22/11/10
Cruel Control Blad01 Magic-League Extended Master 5-8 07/11/10
UWr Walker Brian Lynch PTQ Amsterdam 2010 - Boston (USA) 4 05/05/10
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