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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Mono Black Aggro Burgito MTGO Pioneer League 5 15/07/21
Esika, God Of The Tree Yalo DC Les Chroniques du Commander @ Discord 5-8 25/06/21
Rankle, Master Of Pranks Duoyan Li Hongyu Commander Night @ Hefei(China) 1 09/05/21
Rakdos Aggro Tokita Takeshi Win a Strixhaven Box @ Hareruya (Japan) 3 03/04/21
Rakdos Aggro WrzoBuSeks MTGO Pioneer Preliminary 2 10/03/21
Rakdos Aggro komattaman MTGO Pioneer Champ Qual 7 28/02/21
Rakdos Aggro Ian Mark Gutierrez RAPIDO Tournament @ Mage-Ring Cards and Hobbies (Philippines) 2 27/02/21
Rakdos Aggro alemilan19 MTGO Pioneer Preliminary 4 24/02/21
Rakdos Aggro Phill_Hellmuth MTGO Pioneer Challenge 2 22/02/21
Rakdos Aggro hcook725 MTGO Pioneer Challenge 3 21/02/21
Rakdos Aggro Ekeross MTGO Pioneer Preliminary 1 19/02/21
Faeries EnricoPalazzo MTGO Modern League 8 04/12/20
Monoblack Devotion Takeoutree Royale 5-8 22/09/20
Kroxa Duoyan Li Bank President Cup @ Hongyu Store (Hefei, China) 2 12/09/20
Orzhov Sram Ooshima Shinpei The Last Sun 2020 Qualifyier @ Hareruya (Akihabara, Japan) 1 08/08/20
Sultai Control max09 Manatraders Series Pioneer 9-16 28/06/20
UB Artifacts Aggro Boot Itan Discord Challenge #2 @ Crew3 Podcast 1 23/05/20
Orzhov Control Yorion fartak MTGO Pioneer League 7 23/04/20
Esper Control Highmoon MTGO Pioneer Super Qualifier 1 29/03/20
Golgari Delirium Control edward40hands MTGO Pioneer League 10 23/03/20
Golgari Traverse Aggro edward40hands MTGO Pioneer Super Qualifier 13 22/03/20
Dimir Inverter Tanaka Fumiya Weekend Event @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 22/02/20
Dimir Inverter VTCLA MTGO Pioneer Challenge 9 17/02/20
Sultai Delirium Zach Mandelblatt Star City Games Classic Richmond 5-8 02/02/20
Dimir Inverter Hideki Yakushi PT Nagoya 2020 01/02/20
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