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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Demon Stompy Reeplcheep MTGO Legacy Challenge 8 26/07/20
Nyx Fit Song Chunxuan East China Legacy 1K series-JX @ Jiaxing 3-4 04/01/20
Nic Fit Ludovico Pagliughi Ovino XIV Main Event 5-8 06/10/19
Nic Fit Ben Kendrick Benefitting Houston Food Bank Event 8 13/07/19
Nic Fit Alen Racedo Collector Series Qualifier @ Collector Legion 5-8 19/05/19
Nix Fit Remy Semet Legacy CMN @ Caen (France) 5-8 17/03/19
Rector Fit Jared Musich Knight Ware Store Credit Legac @ Studio City, CA 3-4 10/03/19
Eureka Xavier Vabre Big Legacy #3 @ Valence (France) 3-4 16/12/18
Nic Fit Pizzapiebob MTGO Competitive Legacy League 6 03/11/18
Nic Fit Earlder1 MTGO Competitive Legacy League 2 22/09/18
Rector Combo Bitterbowler MTGO Competitive Legacy League 3-4 14/07/18
Mono Black Control Brad Gregg PPTQ @ Multiverse Comics&Games (Grinnell, IA) 4 30/06/18
Black Cards Patrick Lampkin PPTQ with BBQ @ Poket Gaming 2 19/05/18
Nic Fit Lukas Stahl Swiss Top 8 Warschau 1 22/04/18
Nic Fit kaluma MTGO Competitive Legacy League 7 10/03/18
Br Midrange Stefan Beerens Dutch Open Series Standard 5-8 25/02/18
Nyx Fit Ben Friedman Paragon City Games 1K Symposium 3-4 30/12/17
Nic Fit kaluma MTGO Competitive Legacy League 2 05/12/17
Nic Fit PCGeternal MTGO Competitive Legacy League 1 29/11/17
BGr angelus1912 MTGO Sealed AKH Block Judge Open 3 20/08/17
GUbr James_Zhi MTGO Sealed AKH Block Champs 1 19/06/17
RG Theagent002 MTGO Sealed AKH Block Regional PTQ 3-4 18/06/17
UBr zhangzhiyang MTGO Sealed AKH Block Regional PTQ 2 11/06/17
BW DarkMonaldson MTGO Sealed AKH Block PTQ 3-4 05/06/17
GBw Marshall MTGO Team Draft Super League 5 30/05/17
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