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Gruul Pummeler Korolev Pavel VLG Daily @ Volgo Games (Volgograd, Russia) 1 25/08/21
Gruul Pummeler Korolev Pavel VLG Daily @ Volgo Games (Volgograd, Russia) 2 16/06/21
Temur Energy Richie Ong 5k Open @ Top Deck Games and Hobbies (Philippines) 3-4 06/06/21
Temur Energy Richie Ong Top Deck 5k Open @ TDEricksonGames 3-4 06/06/21
Gruul Pummeler Korolev Pavel Vlg Daily @ Volgo Games 2 07/04/21
Rg Pummeler Planterros Cockatrice Magic Cup 5-8 17/03/21
Gruul Energy Aggro Stephen Keay Tournament League #3 @ 6lacklotus 5-8 30/01/21
Marvelous Energy Christian Calcano Jana Amari Birthday Event @ LFM Network 5-8 04/01/21
Gruul Aggro Cale Carr Free Daily Bo1 @ Owl Central Games 3-4 29/12/20
Temur Energy Kondou Shouhei Special Cup @ Hareruya (Japan) 5-8 11/01/20
4c Energy Taniguchi Yutaka Pioneer Cup @ Hareruya (Japan) 2 21/12/19
Pummeler Chompers203 MTGO Pioneer League 5 04/11/19
Simic Aggro Clarent MTGO Competitive Standard League 4 13/09/18
Temur Aggro robedarcourt MTGO Competitive Standard League 8 10/09/18
Golgari Ruthless Jay Amon Gold Rush Trial 2018 @ Nissa and Hikaru Hobby Shop 1 12/08/18
Gruul Aggro futschlatz MTGO Competitive Standard League 1 05/07/18
Bg Constrictor Pekka Lähteenmäki Team Trios Constructed @ Sensei's Divining Shop, Tampere, Finland 5-8 17/06/18
Bg Constrictor Jules Duroux wrata'jeu Win-a-box dominaria @ carat'jeu, Lyon, France 5-8 17/06/18
Gruul Aggro Milikin MTGO Standard MOCS #11421567 16 09/06/18
Golgari Constrictor Viola MTGO Standard PTQ 5-8 03/06/18
Golgari Constrictor Forrest Kamperman Pro Tour Dominaria (Richmond) 01/06/18
Simic Aggro Timothy Thomason Pro Tour Dominaria (Richmond) 01/06/18
Sultai Constrictor Gemmanite MTGO Competitive Standard League 7 31/05/18
Bg Constrictor Jason Loh PPTQ Atlanta @ Games Haven Paya Lebar (Singapore) 5-8 27/05/18
Sultai Constrictor Tan Wei Siong PPTQ Atlanta @ Games Haven Paya Lebar (Singapore) 1 27/05/18
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