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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Goblins Adam Bruce Mythic Championship Qualifier @ Mr. Nice Guy Games (Pittsburgh, PA) 3 14/09/19
Goblins Stefano Di Pietro Waoostreaming Open Modern L´Aquila 3-4 15/04/18
Tuktuk the Explorer Vojta Kotek Init Duel Commander (Prague) 1 30/09/17
Grenzo, Dungeon Warden Hugo Montenegro Clash of Commander Titans 8 3 09/10/16
Krenko, Mob Boss Juan Litan Manila Duel Commander July 2014 (Quezon City, Philippines) 3-4 27/07/14
Krenko, Mob Boss Clément Carpentier EDH (Arras) 7 24/03/13
Red Deck Wins Victor Rodriguez Arribas The Ice Gathering V (GPT Londres) 6 29/12/12
RDW Sasaki Tsutomu GPT Kobe 2008 - Osaka 5-8 10/05/08
[Decks top 8 - Bloc] Mono Red Aggro GPT Birmingham 2008 - Brussels 04/05/08
Krenko, Mob Boss Jeffrey, Remets-nous-des-Glaçons @20 HP - Llevelwin (Orléans) 3-4 16/04/73
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