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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Judith, The Scourge Diva Dennis C. [DDL] Lounge League @ Darmstadt, Germany 2 21/03/19
Judith, The Scourge Diva Dennis C. [DDL] Lounge League @ Darmstadt, Germany 2 12/03/19
Iroas Daniel Campos Copa Commander @ Teresina (Brazil) 3-4 31/10/18
Zurgo Bellstriker Adam Lebeda Bohemia MTG Commanders Hradec Kralove 5-8 02/12/17
Zurgo Matthieu Habersetzer Clash of Commanders Libourne 6 09/04/17
Zurgokinesis Cladio Naranjo (chamo) Liga Duel Commander (Lima Marzo/Abril #6) 3-4 27/03/17
Zurgo Timothé Courant Duel Commander (St Nazaire, France) 5-8 19/03/17
Zurgo, Bellstriker Yannis "demonium" Henrion Carta'Jeu - Duel Commander Fevrier 1 26/02/17
Zurgo le sonneur Matthieu Habersetzer Libourne is Magic 3-4 22/01/17
Zurgo le sonneur David Boyer Libourne is Magic 5-8 22/01/17
Zurgo Bellstriker Romain Bourdin Christmas Tournament Gobl'Ain (Ain, France) 3-4 18/12/16
Zurgo Bellstriker Kenny Dits Christmas Tournament Gobl'Ain (Ain, France) 2 18/12/16
Zurgo bellstricker Frederic PON Clash of Commanders Libourne 2 27/11/16
Zurgo Tim Courant Le Temple du Jeu Rennes 1 26/11/16
Zurgo Bellstriker Arne Menting Duel In The Castle (Paderborn, Germany) 1 20/11/16
Zurgo Timothé Courant Duel Commander [20HP](St Nazaire, France) 2 30/10/16
Zurgo Bellstriker Alexandre Rebillout La Guilde des Joueurs (Le Mans) 2 15/11/15
Red Deck Wins James Tamayo Harangan sa Malolos 2 2 30/08/15
Burn merlin247 MTGO Modern Daily (#7974069) 8 12/02/15
Red Deck Wins Jordan Doerksen Highlander for Staples 2 23/08/14
Monorot Burn Jakob Berlin ASL / MKM Highlander 2 17/11/13
Red Deck Wins Joonas Simola KuukkaCon (Finland) 2 01/03/13
Mono Red Tomoharu Saito Grand Prix Copenhagen 2008 2 24/08/08
Mono Red David Larsson Grand Prix Copenhagen 2008 1 24/08/08
MRA Christophe Peyronnel 2008 France National Championship 1 03/08/08
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