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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Bant Aggro Robert Taylor Weekly @ The Mythic Society 5-8 03/09/20
Mono Green Aggro Zhenming Yang International Qualifier V @ Red Bull Untapped 9-16 15/08/20
Mono Green Aggro _Cygnus MTGO Standard League 5 13/07/20
Mono Green Aggro Mogged MTGO Standard Challenge 10 29/06/20
Golgari Scales Aj Grenke Star City Games Classic @ Columbus 5-8 05/01/20
Devotion to Green jonazo MTGO Pioneer League 1 16/12/19
Jund Fires Mason Grode WPNQ @ Nerd Rage Gaming (Buffalo Grove, IL) 5-8 15/12/19
Jund Fires Elizabeth Rice Mythic Championship VII Long Beach Other 06/12/19
Temur Reclamation Kenji Egashira Mythic Championship VII Long Beach Other 06/12/19
Temur Reclamation Attila Fur WPN @ Warp Two 3-4 17/11/19
Temur Reclamation Hibino Yasutaka WPNQ @ Hareruya (Japan) 5-8 17/11/19
Temur Reclamation Dylan Boulinguiez WPNQ @ Majestik Games (Villejuif, France) 5-8 10/11/19
Temur Reclamation Nicolas-robin Plinate WPNQ @ Majestik Games (Villejuif, France) 3-4 10/11/19
Temur Reclamation Dennis Raduazzo WPNQ @ Playtime Merate (Desio, Italy) 3-4 10/11/19
Temur Reclamation Stefan Schütz Mythic Championship VI Richmond Other 08/11/19
TemurReclamation melv.p MTGO Standard PTQ 16 04/11/19
Temur Reclamation Clement Gras Friday PTQ @ MagicFest Lyon 5-8 01/11/19
Sultai Field Evan Napier WPN Qualifier @ Atomic Empire (Durham, North Carolina) 5-8 19/10/19
Mono Green Aggro Takata Kazuma PlanesWalker Championship @ Hareruya (Nagoya, Japan) 5-8 13/10/19
Mono Green Aggro Takeno Ryo PlanesWalker Championship @ Hareruya (Nagoya, Japan) 5-8 13/10/19
Golgari Aggro Ihavethefire MTGO Standard League 1 03/10/19
Ug Nexus Of Fate Ezekailles MTG [FR] Standard League #3 @ Magic Arena /Online/ Discord 5-8 26/09/19
Temur Reclamation O_danielakos MTGO Standard League 8 19/09/19
Nexus Reclamation levunga21 MTGO Standard League 5 02/09/19
Nexus Reclamation s_murph729 MTGO Standard League 6 29/08/19
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