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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Human Stompy Patrick Moncuquet Tuesday Night @ Troll2Jeux (Paris) 2 10/03/20
Humans Patrick Alhambra PPTQ @ CLBHSE 5-8 02/09/18
5c Humans Bastion Noah Spellhold Games' Modern Staple @ Santa Ana, CA 3-4 10/06/18
Humans Nicholas Barlow Grand Prix Sydney 2018 (Team Modern Unified) 4 15/04/18
Collected Humans Andrew Hung SCG Classic Richmond 3-4 13/08/17
Humans Stefano Santangelo Phyrexian Plaguelord Modern Event 2 5-8 30/07/17
4/5c Human Mario Ibaņez 1st Mordor Valladolid Open 3-4 29/07/17
Human Company Nicolas Banks SCG Invitational Qualifier Lenexa 1 29/07/17
Humans Company Valentin Gregor MTGCelje - MKMS Trial Prague 1 25/06/17
Naya Allies Vinicius Aoki Circuito Wild West 2017 Etapa 2 3-4 09/04/17
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Maikon Marques Liga DC Comando Games 2 17/12/16
Hardened Humans Jeffrey Delucca Modern EMA Event 5-8 27/08/16
Anafenza, the Foremost Nicolas David Rebound tournament of DTC#7 (Rouen, France) 5-8 10/07/16
Martyr Life Lachisula MTGO Modern Constructed League 3 08/04/16
Selesnya Hardened Scales freak13hfx MTGO Standard Constructed League 5 08/04/16
Selesnya Hardened Scales The MTGO Standard Constructed League 6 06/04/16
Selesnya Hardened Scales Miyoshi Tomohito GPT Tokyo @ Kawasaki Education and Culture Center 5-8 26/03/16
Selesnya Hardened Scales NabilS MTGO Standard Constructed League 10 22/03/16
Selesnya Hardened Scales ryuumei MTGO Standard Constructed League 4 13/03/16
Selesnya Hardened Scales Mist1000 MTGO Standard Daily 1 13/03/16
Hardened Scale Chan Yu Pan Jack PPTQ Sidney 2016 Montecatini Terme (Italy) 1 13/03/16
GW Scales Ewerton R. G. Leal MTG Caxias Cards - PPTQ Sidney 5-8 12/03/16
GW Hardened Scales Jeremiah Lineburger Wichita Falls Hastings GPT 3-4 05/03/16
Selesnya Hardened Scales ryuumei MTGO Standard Constructed League 8 04/03/16
Selesnya Hardened Scales Cris290810 MTGO Standard Constructed League 4 04/03/16
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