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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Dark Depths Themata MTGO Competitive Legacy League 4 16/09/17
Burn Theo De Bray WNM sheffield 2 13/09/17
Paradoxical Storm thepowernine MTGO Competitive Vintage League 1 10/09/17
Infect Stompy Matheus Fernandes Dos Santos 7º Mhysteria Modern 5 09/09/17
4c Control lordofthepit23 MTGO Competitive Legacy League 1 09/09/17
Snapcaster Control The MTGO Competitive Vintage League 1 09/09/17
Mono-green Stompy Mathew Stone PPTQ Rivals of Ixalan (Huntsville, Texas) 5-8 09/09/17
4c Control lordofthepit23 MTGO Competitive Legacy League 3 08/09/17
Elves TheMaverickGirl MTGO Pauper League 5 08/09/17
Mono Black Zombies smother2 MTGO Competitive Standard League 4 06/09/17
UW Control TheBatman MTGO Competitive Standard League 1 04/09/17
Breya, Etherium Shaper The MTGO Commander (1 v 1) Challenge 13 03/09/17
Dark Spiders Timothé T. Swords to Peasant - Mutzig 7 03/09/17
Grixis Delver TheStyle MTGO Competitive Legacy League 2 01/09/17
4c Control lordofthepit23 MTGO Competitive Legacy League 3 01/09/17
Monastery The MTGO Vintage Daily 2 30/08/17
Grixis Control Chris Sutherland Monday Night Canadian Highlander 3-4 28/08/17
Deep Hours Aggro TheMagePower MTGO Pauper Challenge 9 28/08/17
Aura Hexproof OtherRGIII MTGO Pauper League 1 28/08/17
Grixis Control Chris Sutherland Highlander for Staples 2 27/08/17
Monastery thepowernine MTGO Vintage Challenge 5 27/08/17
Gifts Control thelastgnu MTGO Vintage Challenge 3 27/08/17
UrzaTron UrbanAnathema MTGO Competitive Modern League 2 26/08/17
Selesnya Ramp The_Co MTGO Competitive Standard League 3 25/08/17
Boros Metalcraft deatheaten MTGO Pauper League 2 25/08/17
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