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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Show and Tell PaleMongoose MTGO Legacy Challenge 6 25/12/17
Dredge PaleMongoose MTGO Vintage Challenge 16 24/12/17
Mentor Paradoxical PaleMongoose MTGO Vintage Challenge 11 19/11/17
Urzatron PaleMongoose MTGO Pauper Challenge 5 06/11/17
UG PaleMongoose MTGO Sealed XLN Block PTQ 2 30/10/17
Tokens PaleMongoose MTGO Standard PTQ 5-8 08/10/17
Urzatron PaleMongoose MTGO Pauper Constructed League 2 05/04/17
Nahiri Control PaleMongoose MTGO Competitive Modern Constructed League 8 24/10/16
UWx Midrange PaleMongoose MTGO Modern Constructed League 9 17/04/16
Zoo PaleMongoose MTGO Modern Daily (#8245670) 3 09/05/15
Jeskai Ascendancy PaleMongoose MTGO Modern Daily (#7797310) 2 20/12/14
Canadian Threshold PaleMongoose MTGO Legacy Daily (#7446489) 2 10/09/14
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