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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Red Deck Wins TiagoSeverino MTGO Competitive Standard League 5 22/04/19
Burn TonyMontana MTGO Pauper Challenge 8 22/04/19
RG duofanel MTGO Sealed RNA Block MCQ 7 22/04/19
RB _goblinlackey MTGO Sealed RNA Block MCQ 6 22/04/19
GR nasilemak MTGO Sealed RNA Block MOCS 7 22/04/19
RG ERUERUFU MTGO Sealed RNA Block MOCS 6 22/04/19
BR pacoelflaco MTGO Sealed RNA Block MOCS 1 22/04/19
Burn Jacob Brooks Collector Series Qualifiers @ Collector Legion 5-8 20/04/19
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider Marjorie Marie Commander Monthly @ Game Cash, Nantes 2 20/04/19
Chainwhirler Less Red Leo Andrew Orbe Monthly Store Champs @ Back to Games (Abu Dhabi) 1 20/04/19
Mono Red Jay-r Rizo Monthly Store Champs @ Back to Games (Abu Dhabi) 8 20/04/19
Red Deck Wins Mike Kenny SCG Invitational Qualifier Columbus 5-8 20/04/19
Red Deck Wins Seth Anderson SCG Invitational Qualifier Columbus 2 20/04/19
Burn Clarence_Worley MTGO Pauper League 3 17/04/19
Adeliz, The Cinder Wind Shen Junkai 77th "New Year Cake" Cup @ Shanghai 2 14/04/19
Burn Iijima Shin Holiday Modern @ Hareruya (Japan) 3-4 14/04/19
RU Ko_mak MTGO Modern MOCS Playoff 23 14/04/19
Burn Pierluca Cremonesi PauperOne V3 @ Mana Flask (Brescia, Italy) 5-8 14/04/19
Burn Sakai Kenji 13th God of Modern @ Hareruya (Japan) 5-8 13/04/19
Burn David Casares Dimagames Special Event Pauper @ Dimagames, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 5-8 13/04/19
Burn Javier Villouta Grand Prix Sao Paulo 2019 5-8 13/04/19
Phoenix Deck Wins Chris Stilwell Star City Games Invitational Qualifier Enfield 3-4 13/04/19
Burn Wes Williamson Star City Games Invitational Qualifier Indianapolis 5-8 13/04/19
Burn David Gonzalez Sydney Eternal - Pub Legacy @ Sydney 1 13/04/19
Burn Vladimir_M MTGO Pauper League 3 10/04/19
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