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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Griselbrand Kevin Mourgeotte Duel Commander @ Libourne (France) 6 15/07/18
Mono Black Control Federico Villa Commander OvinoFree MTGO @ Milano, italy 5-8 23/06/18
Sidisi, Reanimator Vizier Vazdru MTGO Competitive Commander League 1 25/02/18
Iname, Aspect De La Mort Guillaume Wasselynck Tournoi de Noël - Without top 1+ % (St Nazaire, France) 7 15/12/17
Queen Marchesa Hans Biasbas Yñigo’s Hobby Shop Duel Commander 4 18/11/17
Kalitas, Traitor Of Ghet Nicolas David Le Caméléon - DC (Tours, France) 5 27/08/17
Rakdos Control Yong Il Park GP Denver 2017 - Trial Winners 1 18/08/17
Rakdos Control _Antoniou_ MTGO Competitive Standard League 1 07/08/17
BR Nathan Lothamer Grand Prix Minneapolis 5-8 05/08/17
Rakdos Control littledarwin MTGO Competitive Standard League 5 23/07/17
Mono-Black Midrange James Stevens SCG Invitational Qualifier Columbus 5-8 23/07/17
Golgari Constrictor sandoiche MTGO Competitive Standard League 9 30/06/17
Prossh, Skyraider Of Kher Juan Pedro Vieira Dos Anjos Soares MTGO Commander FNM @ Elder Dragon (Petrópolis-Brasil) 2 23/06/17
Rakdos Midrange Kawase Takeshi Team Trio @ Hareruya 2 17/06/17
Golgari Constrictor NYJ1028 MTGO Competitive Standard League 5 12/06/17
G/b Aggro Scott Janssen 1K Standard KW Play Space 1 13/05/17
Mono Black Aggro Alex Vanderkooy 1K Standard KW Play Space 5-8 13/05/17
Jund Delirium Julien Lévêque GPT Standard Amsterdam 2 12/05/17
Sultai Eldrazi Teun Visser GPT Amsterdam @ GameForce (Eindhoven) 3-4 07/05/17
Jund Delirium Jay Amon GPT-Manila @ Oh My Games! 1 01/05/17
Br Aggro Donardo Iii L. Paglinawan GPT-Manila @ Oh My Games! 2 01/05/17
Golgari Constrictor ooter37 MTGO Competitive Standard Constructed League 7 01/05/17
Ub Zombies Zachary Brady PPTQ @ Card Kingdom 5-8 29/04/17
Bg Energy Johnnys Torres PPTQ Albuquerque @DIvermagic Valencia (Venezuela) 1 29/04/17
Pedro Clavijo Ub Summonings PPTQ Albuquerque @DIvermagic Valencia (Venezuela) 3-4 29/04/17
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