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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Nexus Reclamation Ramzamela7 MTGO Standard League 1 12/08/19
Simic Nexus Justin Fink MF MCQ @ Minneapolis, MN 5-8 10/08/19
Bant Scapeshift Nicolas Bideshi The Gaming Stadium Open Series Featuring MTG Arena 5-8 10/08/19
Nexus Reclemation Jeroen Kreijne AML-Standard @ Amersfoort 1 09/08/19
Nexus Reclamation RayFuturePro MTGO Standard League 1 01/08/19
Nexus Reclamation Ronan Casey SCG Standard IQ @ New Holland 5 28/07/19
Simic Nexus Zak Miller SCG Standard IQ @ New Holland 7 28/07/19
Bant Scapeshift Chris Anderson Star City Games Classic Columbus 1 28/07/19
Nexus Reclamation Lee Mcleod Star City Games IQ @ Spring Lake 5-8 27/07/19
Nexus Reclamation ExclusiveB MTGO Standard League 4 22/07/19
Nexus Reclamation greg75 MTGO Standard MCQ 7 22/07/19
Nexus Reclamation Gregg Keithley Grand Prix Denver 2019 2 20/07/19
Nexus Reclamation Sam Lawrence Star City Games Team Open Philadelphia 1 20/07/19
Simic Nexus Truedawn Fandom Legends 5-8 14/07/19
Simic Nexus Nikola Mislov Istmo Games Season 2 Finals @ Istmo Games 3-4 14/07/19
Nexus Reclamation VTCLA MTGO Standard League 4 11/07/19
Nexus Reclamation poles MTGO Standard League 4 08/07/19
Nexus Simic Raul Reasola Champions II @ Anime Store (Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico) 3-4 29/06/19
Nexus Reclamation Autumn Burchett Fandom Legends 3-4 27/06/19
Nexus Reclamation GermanoBD MTGO Standard League 2 24/06/19
Nexus Reclamation Autumn Burchett (autumnlily) Mythic Championship III Las Vegas Other 19/06/19
Nexus Reclamation Emma Handy (em_teegee) Mythic Championship III Las Vegas Other 19/06/19
Nexus Reclamation Matias Leveratto (levunga) Mythic Championship III Las Vegas 1 19/06/19
Nexus Reclamation oosunq MTGO Standard League 5 17/06/19
Bant Nexus Victor Villalobos MCQ Barcelona @ Gémenos (France) 3-4 16/06/19
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