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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Sram, Senior Edificer Nicolas "didibo" Amans Tournoi des Zaps 5-8 19/11/17
Karlov Of The Ghost Council Dmitry Fedorov St. Petersburg 7th League 5-8 13/07/17
Weenie White Gerard Bres Game Day El Nucli 2 13/08/16
Collected Bant Haydee Tio SCG Invitational Qualifier - Chattanooga 7 24/07/16
Collected Bant Paul Jamison SCG Invitational Qualifier - New Holland 5-8 24/07/16
Naya Aggro Paolo Alvarez PPTQ Honolulu (Bacolod City, Philippines) 5 02/07/16
Naya Midrange Paolo Alvarez PPTQ Honolulu (Bacolod City, Philippines) 5-8 02/07/16
Collected Bant Putput MTGO Competitive Standard Constructed League 10 27/06/16
Collected Bant DrGonzo909 MTGO Competitive Standard Constructed League 9 19/06/16
Collected Bant Lukas Sykora WMCQ Austria 5 19/06/16
White Eldrazi Filippo Stefanini PPTQ Black Lotus (Viterbo, Italy) 5-8 05/06/16
Bant James Sung Dragons Den PPTQ- Bedford Tx 5-8 28/05/16
Collected Bant Tom Ristovsky Grand Prix Manchester 2016 - Trial Winners 1 27/05/16
Bant Company Matthias Schmidt MKM Series 2016 Frankfurt 5-8 16/05/16
Weenie White maldini MTGO Standard Champ Qual 1 15/05/16
Selesnya Token Luigi Magnani PPTQ Honolulu@ La Rocca di Darsheyalon 5-8 15/05/16
Displacer Combo Mike Mei Grand Prix New York 2016 9-16 07/05/16
Bant Aggro Anthony Tosello Grand Prix Toronto 2016 9-16 01/05/16
Bant Aggro bolov0 MTGO Competitive Standard Constructed League 5 01/05/16
Bant Aggro kanister MTGO Standard MOCS 1 01/05/16
Bant Aggro leearson MTGO Standard MOCS 5-8 01/05/16
Bant Aggro Kazaoka Nikoru Standard @ Hareruya 1 27/04/16
Bant CoCo Giovanni Agbuya PPTQ @ Upkeep Hobby Shop (Philippines) 3-4 24/04/16
Naya Michael Angelo Evangelio PPTQ @ Upkeep Hobby Shop (Philippines) 1 24/04/16
Bant Company Grigoriy Lakoza PPTQ Honolulu 1 24/04/16
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