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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
UW ProPlayerFamalicao MTGO Sealed RNA Block MOCS 8 22/04/19
UG FestiFan MTGO Sealed RNA Block MOCS 5 22/04/19
Bant Reclamation Christian Keffer SCG Invitational Qualifier Columbus 5-8 20/04/19
Mono Green Aggro JakeHelms MTGO Competitive Standard League 1 18/04/19
Temur Climb Daniel Hemstedt Collector Series Qualifier @ Collector Legion 1 14/04/19
GRu rizer MTGO Sealed RNA Block MCQ 6 08/04/19
Nexus Reclamation Kitagawa Hiroyuki Masters Ravnica Allegiance @ Japan 2 06/04/19
UGr drVendigo MTGO Sealed RNA Block MCQ 2 31/03/19
WU KO_Mak MTGO Sealed RNA Block MCQ 7 31/03/19
Nexus Reclamation Leslie Walderman HTCS Week 10 @ Hairy Tarantula (Toronto) 1 30/03/19
Nexus Reclamation keinebeine MTGO Competitive Standard League 4 21/03/19
Sultai Midrange Kevork Wakimian Win-A-Box @ Multiverse 5-8 17/03/19
Bant Flash Marwan Beik Win-A-Box @ Multiverse 3-4 17/03/19
Simic Midrange PhantasmalBear MTGO Competitive Modern League 3 08/03/19
Sultai Aggro jadoth MTGO Competitive Standard League 7 04/03/19
Simic Nexus Aurelio Pangilinan ROS: Standard Minors @ Regran Toys and Collectibles 3-4 03/03/19
Nexus Reclamation Joshua Stringer Star City Games Classic - Syracuse 1 03/03/19
UGr twiztidg MTGO Sealed RNA Block Finals 5 24/02/19
Sultai Midrange Piotr Głogowski Pro Tour Cleveland (Mythic Championship I) Other 22/02/19
Sultai Midrange Arnaud Hocquemiller Pro Tour Cleveland (Mythic Championship I) Other 22/02/19
Temur Control Pilototo MTGO Competitive Standard League 6 18/02/19
Simic Nexus Joel Sadowsky Cookie Qualifier @ Mr. Nice Guy Games (Monroeville, PA) 3-4 17/02/19
Simic Nexus Michael Swailes Northwest RPTQ @ Mox Boarding House (Bellevue, WA) 4 17/02/19
Nexus Of Gates Matthew Beltran Northwest RPTQ @ Mox Boarding House (Bellevue, WA) 4 17/02/19
Bant Flash Marwan Beik Store Championship @ Multiverse 1 17/02/19
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