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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Black Cards Patrick Lampkin PPTQ with BBQ @ Poket Gaming 2 19/05/18
Vampires Ternid MTGO Competitive Standard League 7 26/04/18
Vampires Ternid MTGO Competitive Standard League 3 19/04/18
UB Control jp0822 MTGO Competitive Standard League 4 09/04/18
Ub Midrange Bader Al Wader Back to Games- Dubai - Store Championship 1 06/04/18
Hour of Promise Sultai Zio_Paperone MTGO Competitive Standard League 3 05/04/18
Orzhov Control Tonouchi Keita 2nd Tokai King Qualifier (Nagoya, Japan) 1 25/02/18
Ub Control Raymond Veenis Dutch Open Series Standard 2 25/02/18
Golgari Constrictor Hugh Spector PPTQ @ GameFace (Yukon, OK) 1 24/02/18
Esper Control Dustin Meadows PPTQ @ Magic Pro Shop (Denison, TX) 3-4 24/02/18
Hour of Promise Golgari Tom Stanton PPTQ Minneapolis @ Mana Gaming UK 5-8 24/02/18
Grixis Control Nicola Stagnoli PPTQ @ Fantasia (Rovereto, Italy) 1 11/02/18
Grixis Energy Nikolas Kyriakou PPTQ Mineapolis @ MTG Limassol (Cyprus) 2 10/02/18
Grixis Control Mike Warren Mike Warren RIX PPTQ @ Poket Games 3-4 10/02/18
Grixis God Laurent Chauvel PPTQ Mineapolis MagicCorporation 5-8 05/02/18
Grixis Energy christiano7 MTGO Competitive Standard League 2 29/01/18
Abzan Tokens Ruckus-mh Standard MOCS #11131701 9-16 27/01/18
Dimir Midrange Clops916 MTGO Competitive Standard League 5 22/01/18
Grixis Energy Asmodean1990 MTGO Standard PTQ 2 21/01/18
Mardu Vehicle luciencool MTGO Standard PTQ 1 21/01/18
Dimir Midrange maxxgs MTGO Competitive Standard League 5 19/01/18
Grixis Energy VTCLA MTGO Competitive Standard League 2 12/01/18
UB Control danielmos MTGO Competitive Standard League 1 12/01/18
Bug Kaiam Paulo Estrella Store Championship @ Back to Games (Abu Dhabi) 5-8 29/12/17
Yore Fernando Sipión Store Championship "La cueva del gato" 3-4 28/12/17
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