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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
UB Mill Nate Jones Star City Games IQ @ Elkhart 5-8 19/05/19
Mono U Control bennyhillz MTGO Competitive Modern League 3 03/05/19
Paradoxical Saturn MTGO Competitive Vintage League 1 06/01/19
Teferi, Mage Of Zhalfir Dmitry Fukin 1st Saint Petersburg Commander Open 3-4 08/04/18
Prime Speaker Zegana Meltiin MTGO Competitive Commander League 2 03/11/17
Baral prolepsis9 MTGO Commander League 10 04/06/17
Monastery Bazaar MTGO Vintage Challenge 2 22/05/17
Baral Unpiel MTGO Commander League 3 17/05/17
Baral Cahlindor MTGO Commander League 2 15/05/17
Miracles uga MTGO Legacy Premier 3 13/03/17
Jhoira of the Ghitu Matteo Sangiorgi Third Commander Tournament Warpstone (Milano, Italy) 2 14/02/16
Maelstrom Wanderer Juzi GT (jiji & bob) cup duel commander (Beijing) 3-4 31/10/15
Monastery Thomas Ribet GP Sydney Side Event Vintage 2 11/10/15
Vendilion Clique Vojtěch Mráz CZeternal Commander Series #1 1 14/03/15
Maelstrom Wanderer Andre Escudeiro Game Gate Series 4 (Săo Paulo, Brazil) 5-8 07/09/14
Marchesa, the Black Rose Yu Ke 13th "New Year Cake" Cup (Shanghai) 2 30/08/14
Maelstrom Wanderer Miroslav Vana Duel Commander (Hradec Kralove, Czech republic) 3-4 12/04/14
Maelstrom Wanderer Nicolas Gutierrez Duel Commander League - Nueve Titanes (Temuco, Chile) 5-8 16/03/14
Zegana - Time Walk Nicolas Cabrit Bazaar of Legends (Paris) 5-8 16/02/14
Thraximundar Benjamin Valay Coupe de France Commander 2013 (Poitiers) 5-8 10/11/13
Maelstrom Wanderer Juin Paul San Juan – Team Happy Meal Manila Duel Commander October 2013 (Quezon City, Philippines) 1 13/10/13
Maelstrom Wanderer Simon Bryan Floreza – Team Oh No! Manila Duel Commander June 2013 (Quezon City, Philippines) 5-8 16/06/13
Maelstrom Wanderer Simon Floreza Manila Duel Commander May 2013 (Quezon City, Philippines) 3-4 19/05/13
Thraximundar Simon Lhotte Ligue Commander du Nord 7 (Cambrai) 6 01/05/13
Maelstrom Wanderer Randy de Rueda Manila Duel Commander February 2013 (Quezon City, Philippines) 1 17/02/13
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