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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Merfolk Tim Hall SCG Invitational Qualifier Lexington 5-8 14/07/18
U/g Merfolk Buzz Pounds Standard PPTQ Platteville @ Deals N Dragons 5-8 09/06/18
Merfolk Dargnar27 MTGO Competitive Standard League 1 16/04/18
Go Fish Perry Aguila Roll Play Game Lounge RIX Store Championship 1 07/04/18
Go Fish Perry Aguila Store Championship @ Roll Play Game Lounge 1 07/04/18
Merfolk psychoticporcupine MTGO Competitive Modern League 6 30/03/18
Merfolk Shimazaki Hajime Modern @ Hareruya (Osaka, Japan) 5-8 25/03/18
Ray-folk Rayland Duarte PPTQ @ Magus Games Cebu 2 25/03/18
Merfolk Buzz Pounds PPTQ @ Multiverse Comics and Games (Grinnell, IA) 8 25/03/18
Ug Merfolks Claudio Miranda PPTQ @ Toca do Urso (Arapongas, Brazil) 2 11/03/18
U/g Merfolk Ryan Newberry Owl Central Games PrePTQ 5-8 10/03/18
GR caesar607 MTGO Sealed XLN Block PTQ 3-4 05/03/18
WBu yu-ki MTGO Sealed XLN Block MOCS 3 25/02/18
Ug Merfolk Claudio Miranda PPTQ Minneapolis @ Geex Hobby Store (Brazil) 5-8 25/02/18
Merfolk Ori Dula Spellhold Games PPTQ Minneapolis 5-8 18/02/18
UG Justus MTGO Sealed XLN Block PTQ 1 05/02/18
Merfolk Akerlund MTGO Competitive Standard League 5 02/02/18
BU _alice1986_ MTGO Sealed XLN Block PTQ 2 01/01/18
GU Shaereth MTGO Sealed XLN Block PTQ 3-4 01/01/18
RW James_Zhi MTGO Sealed XLN Block PTQ 1 01/01/18
GU CharLy MTGO Sealed XLN Block MOCS 1 27/11/17
UGw lighdar MTGO Sealed XLN Block PTQ 5-8 06/11/17
WG Andy_2914 MTGO Sealed XLN Block PTQ 5-8 30/10/17
BW romanmy MTGO Sealed XLN Block PTQ 5-8 30/10/17
Ug Merfolk Jeremy Bertarioni SCG Cincinnati Modern Open 3-4 22/10/17
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