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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Storm JJtheGiantSlayer MTGO Competitive Legacy League 4 18/05/19
Miracles dystopiaa MTGO Competitive Legacy League 1 18/05/19
UB Delver carvs MTGO Pauper League 3 15/05/19
UW Delver Entropy263 MTGO Pauper League 7 15/05/19
UB Delver ItsukiS MTGO Pauper Challenge 3 14/05/19
UB Delver ThomasMad MTGO Pauper Challenge 5 14/05/19
UB Delver darius89 MTGO Pauper Challenge 6 14/05/19
Miracles Oddball MTGO Legacy Challenge 1 13/05/19
High Tide Iwouldliketorespond MTGO Legacy Challenge 4 13/05/19
Show and Tell chase21 MTGO Legacy Challenge 5 13/05/19
TES wonderPreaux MTGO Legacy Challenge 6 13/05/19
Stoneblade viktor_von_muerte MTGO Legacy Challenge 7 13/05/19
Mentor Paradoxical Condescend MTGO Vintage Challenge 7 13/05/19
UR Pyromancer ecobaronen MTGO Vintage Challenge 5 13/05/19
Tes Landon Sworts 2K @ From the Vault Games (Liverpool, NY) 5-8 11/05/19
Uw Control Jonathan Velzy 2K @ From the Vault Games (Liverpool, NY) 5-8 11/05/19
Uw Delver Noah Kravitz 2K @ From the Vault Games (Liverpool, NY) 3-4 11/05/19
Grixis Delver Ed Demicco 2K @ From the Vault Games (Liverpool, NY) 2 11/05/19
Uw Stoneblade Luiz Iglezias 47º Alpha Legacy @ Legion CG (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 5 11/05/19
Grixis Control Felipe Purisco 47º Alpha Legacy @ Legion CG (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 8 11/05/19
Uw Stoneblade Elton Bragança 47º Alpha Legacy @ Legion CG (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 3 11/05/19
Ub Delver Max Meijer Amsterdam Pauper Series @ Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2 11/05/19
Aminatou Jonathan Thiévin DC @ Le Temple des Joueur (Rennes, France) 3-4 11/05/19
Tin Fins Cameron Wisniewski Eternal Weekend Trial @ Mr. Nice Guy Games (Monroeville, PA) 1 11/05/19
Omnitell Queirolo Marco Ovinospring Main Legacy @ Piacenza (Italy) 5-8 11/05/19
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