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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Jeskai Xerox The Atog Lord MTGO Vintage Format Playoff 1 15/09/19
Storm Bedell MTGO Vintage Format Playoff 3 15/09/19
UR Arcanist discoverN MTGO Vintage Format Playoff 5 15/09/19
Paradoxical Storm sandydogmtg MTGO Vintage Format Playoff 6 15/09/19
Survival Aggro thelastgnu MTGO Vintage Format Playoff 8 15/09/19
Paradoxical discoverN MTGO Vintage League 5 15/09/19
Jeskai Xerox eh loko MTGO Vintage League 3 15/09/19
Oath of Druids Miharu_Fuyumiya MTGO Vintage League 2 15/09/19
UR Pyromancer DrMuggy123 MTGO Vintage League 1 15/09/19
BUG Midrange Aylett MTGO Vintage League 8 15/09/19
Survival Aggro Earlder1 MTGO Vintage League 7 15/09/19
Doomsday Suzuki Yuuto The 14th God of Vintage @ Hareruya (Japan) 5-8 15/09/19
Jeskai Xerox Mishiro Norihito The 14th God of Vintage @ Hareruya (Japan) 5-8 15/09/19
BUG Midrange Nakamura Kazuhiro The 14th God of Vintage @ Hareruya (Japan) 3-4 15/09/19
Jeskai Xerox Takahashi Yuuta The 14th God of Vintage @ Hareruya (Japan) 2 15/09/19
Jeskai Xerox Tomizawa Shin The 14th God of Vintage @ Hareruya (Japan) 1 15/09/19
Jeskai Xerox AdriĆ  Romero Lliga Catalana de Vintage - September Edition 3-4 14/09/19
BUG Midrange Sergi Juan De La Cruz Lliga Catalana de Vintage - September Edition 2 14/09/19
Jeskai Xerox Zach Dobbin Monthly @ Deal Me In Games 3-4 08/09/19
Survival Aggro gunnim MTGO Vintage Challenge 8 08/09/19
Paradoxical kacknub MTGO Vintage Challenge 7 08/09/19
BUG Midrange desolutionist MTGO Vintage Challenge 6 08/09/19
Jeskai Xerox ZYURYO MTGO Vintage Challenge 3 08/09/19
Jeskai Xerox BadBrain MTGO Vintage Challenge 2 08/09/19
Belcher winedope MTGO Vintage Challenge 1 08/09/19
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