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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
The Gitrog Monster Denovar DCM Nov 2018 Tournament 1 15/11/18
Midrange Grenzo Hellonewton DCM Nov 2018 Tournament 2 15/11/18
Jeskai Drakes Misterkle MTGO Competitive Standard League 2 15/11/18
Jeskai Control WhiTe TsaR MTGO Competitive Standard League 1 15/11/18
Boros Aggro TheNutLo MTGO Competitive Standard League 8 15/11/18
Selesnya Tokens fseasons MTGO Competitive Standard League 7 15/11/18
Dragon Deck Wins sato11 MTGO Competitive Standard League 3 15/11/18
Red Deck Wins banskk MTGO Competitive Standard League 4 15/11/18
Golgari Aggro Christianhartz MTGO Competitive Standard League 5 15/11/18
Mono Blue Aggro LoveP MTGO Competitive Standard League 6 15/11/18
Keranos, God Of Storms Alessio Carbone MTGO Commander @ Kuldotha Bazaar (Genova) 2 14/11/18
The Gitrog Monster Andrea Baudino MTGO Commander @ Kuldotha Bazaar (Genova) 1 14/11/18
Slivers frucile MTGO Pauper League 5 14/11/18
Boros Metalcraft lindoso01 MTGO Pauper League 1 14/11/18
Mono Green Aggro carvs MTGO Pauper League 3 14/11/18
Dimir Control Heisen01 MTGO Pauper League 2 14/11/18
Burn gingerman MTGO Pauper League 4 14/11/18
Deep Hours Aggro joohyun MTGO Pauper League 6 14/11/18
Tireless Tribe JessNES MTGO Pauper League 7 14/11/18
Mono Blue Aggro NoSticks MTGO Pauper League 8 14/11/18
Hatebear MiguelCaster MTGO Competitive Modern League 8 13/11/18
Aura Hexproof Chicken93 MTGO Competitive Modern League 7 13/11/18
UR Control Milkk MTGO Competitive Modern League 6 13/11/18
Selesnya Aggro buddha715 MTGO Competitive Modern League 5 13/11/18
UrzaTron AstralPlane MTGO Competitive Modern League 4 13/11/18
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