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Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
UB Delver Vladimir_M MTGO Pauper League 1 20/03/19
Boros Metalcraft SpellBlast MTGO Pauper League 2 20/03/19
Golgari Aggro pizzaduck MTGO Pauper League 3 20/03/19
Boros Tokens alicodendrochit MTGO Pauper League 4 20/03/19
Aura Hexproof ecobaronen MTGO Pauper League 5 20/03/19
Burn FranMtg MTGO Pauper League 6 20/03/19
Deep Hours Aggro YATING MTGO Pauper League 7 20/03/19
Elves Butakov MTGO Pauper League 8 20/03/19
Amulet Titan AndySCWilson MTGO Competitive Modern League 6 19/03/19
Humans krecsiedziwko MTGO Competitive Modern League 7 19/03/19
Hatebear DRAW5FORTHEWIN MTGO Competitive Modern League 5 19/03/19
Jund qbturtle15 MTGO Competitive Modern League 2 19/03/19
Affinity _Shatun_ MTGO Competitive Modern League 4 19/03/19
UrzaTron banskk MTGO Competitive Modern League 3 19/03/19
Electro Living End GlauberT MTGO Competitive Modern League 8 19/03/19
Creatures Toolbox mudholekrew MTGO Competitive Modern League 1 19/03/19
Weenie White MAGIC-BRIAN MTGO Competitive Standard League 4 18/03/19
Esper Control Zastoparikus MTGO Competitive Standard League 3 18/03/19
Sultai Aggro elder088 MTGO Competitive Standard League 2 18/03/19
Red Deck Wins LoveP MTGO Competitive Standard League 1 18/03/19
Temur Reclamation Venom1 MTGO Competitive Standard League 5 18/03/19
Grixis Control morris MTGO Competitive Standard League 6 18/03/19
Selesnya Tokens oxykenn MTGO Competitive Standard League 7 18/03/19
Mono Blue Aggro Not__Close MTGO Competitive Standard League 8 18/03/19
Arclight Phoenix mstephenson MTGO Legacy Challenge 3 18/03/19
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