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Metagame Breakdown
Duel Commander
Tajic, Legion's Edge decks
Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Tajic Natham Chagnon ZAP Mai 9-16 19/05/19
Tajic Alban Genest DC 1 11/05/19
Tajic Quentin "senseiidora" Levard Duel Commander 2 11/05/19
Tajic Guillaume Morin ZAP Avril 5-8 21/04/19
Tajic Remy Gaspard (reyanderson7) Trial Zap 1 07/04/19
Tajic, Legion's Edge Maxim Erikhov Duel Commander Volgograd daily 1 22/03/19
Tajic Flavien "crimelune" Paillet Zap Mars 9-16 10/03/19
Tajic Le Charentais Matthieu "mooustik" DC Cassoulet #2 3-4 24/02/19
Tajic Damien Veau Master Zap 9-16 06/01/19
Tajic Flavien "crimelune" Paillet Master Zap 5-8 06/01/19
Boros Aggro Smirnov Alexander Volgograd DC daily 5 3-4 21/12/18
Tajic Stephane Copreaux Zaps 5-8 16/12/18
Tajic Christophe Lestic Trial ZAP janvier (HA) 1 15/12/18
Tajic, Legion's Edge Agro Damien Mazué Tournoi DC Cassoulet #1 2 01/11/18
Tajic, Legion's Edge Ed Quirong Regran October DC Tournament 3-4 28/10/18
Tajic Nicolas Warning Tournament Fatality 3 2 07/10/18
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