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Metagame Breakdown
Duel Commander
Edgar Markov decks
Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Edgar Markov Jesper Olsen Magic Player monthly Duel-tournament 1 24/09/17
Edgar Markov Benjamin Valay Clash of Commanders Libourne 1 10/09/17
Edgar Markov William Guignot Clash of Commanders Libourne 3-4 10/09/17
Edgar Markov Matthieu Habersetzer Clash of Commanders Libourne 5-8 10/09/17
Edgar Markov Thomas Mestreau Clash of Commanders Libourne 2 10/09/17
Edgar Markov David Boyer Clash of Commanders Libourne 3-4 10/09/17
Edgar Markov Sylvain K Legendary Tournament Commander 1 10/09/17
Edgar Markov Cyprien W Legendary Tournament Commander 2 10/09/17
Edgar Markov Thanh Sang N Legendary Tournament Commander 3-4 10/09/17
Edgar Markov Victor Capron Le Caméléon - DC (Tours, France) 1 27/08/17
Edgar Markov Guillaume Picard Le Caméléon - DC (Tours, France) 2 27/08/17
Edgar Markov Julien "sonte" Sori Le Caméléon - DC (Tours, France) 3 27/08/17
Edgar Blast Samy "samyoddjob" Fecih Duel Commander - GP Metz Side Event 1 26/08/17
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