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Metagame Breakdown
Duel Commander
Titania, Protector of Argoth decks
Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Titania, Lady Of The Lands Johnnys Torres Duel Commander Vzla 1 29/09/19
Titania, Protector of Argoth Alex Dulawan Saturday Duel 2 07/09/19
Titania, Protector Of Argoth Francis Tabangura Tournament For a Cause 3-4 24/08/19
Titania Alexandre Leroyer DC Longueau 2 10/08/19
Titania Thomas H FNM Hiveworld 2 02/08/19
Titania Alexandre "zankou" Leroyer Rebound Master ZAP 14 07/07/19
Titania Alexandre Leroyer Trial Master ZAP 2 22/06/19
Titania, Protector Of Argoth Mirko G. [DDL] Lounge League 2 20/06/19
Titania Vedenin Roman League 9 Duel Commander 5-8 16/06/19
Titania, Protector Of Argoth Thomas H FNM Hiveworld 1 31/05/19
Titania Alexandre "zankou" Leroyer ZAP Mai 2 19/05/19
Titania Julien Faidherbe DC 2 11/05/19
Titania, Protector Of Argoth Mirko G. [DDL] Lounge League 3-4 09/05/19
Titania Alexandre Leroyer Trial ZAP Mai (HA) 1 04/05/19
Titania, Protector Of Argoth Martin Vlnas DCM April 2019 3-4 01/05/19
Titania, Protector Of Argoth Dmitry Semenov 2nd DC Open 3-4 21/04/19
Titania, Protector Of Argoth Thomas Hirtz Commander FNM 1 22/03/19
Titania Alexandre "zankou" Leroyer Zap Mars 9-16 10/03/19
Titania, Protector Of Argoth David Brinek 8th Prague DC tournament 5-8 02/03/19
Titania Alexandre Leroyer ZAP Février 5-8 10/02/19
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