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Metagame Breakdown
Duel Commander
Thraximundar decks
Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Thraximundar Claudio Barrera Clash of Commander Titans 12 (Temuco, Chile) [30HP] 2 06/11/16
Thraximundar Claudio Barrera CoCT 10 (Temuco, Chile) [30HP] 1 23/10/16
Thraximundar Yuan Luyang Beijing 3531 Cup - 1st 2 23/04/16
Thraximundar Jean-Philip Tremblay Duel Commander - Aux 2 Légendes 1 12/03/16
Thraximundar Maathias Jour des Gobelins 2 24/02/16
Thraximundar Francesco Vitale Lega Romagnola Commander Finale 4 17/02/16
Thraximundar Simone Speziale Second DC Tournament by Warpstone (Milano, Italy) 1 10/01/16
Thraximundar Yuriy Kostyk Bohemia Commander Tournament (Hradec Kralove, Czech republic) 5-8 25/07/15
Thraximundar Felipe "JJ" Dias EDH @ Academia de Jogos (Brazil) 1 04/07/15
Thraximundar Thomas Mestreau Clash of commanders (Libourne) 5-8 28/06/15
Thraximundar Adrien Loizel EDH (Caen) 2 30/05/15
Thraximundar Andrea Rostellato Very Big Mazzate (Biella, Italy) 5-8 24/05/15
Thraximundar Evgeniy Strokov Liga Generalov Zimi (Moscow, Russia) 2 07/03/15
Thraximundar Don Bunag Philippines Super Series 2015 - 1st leg (Cubao, Philippines) 5-8 22/02/15
Thraximundar Don Bunag 2014 Christmas Party (Philippines) 3-4 27/12/14
Thraximundar Song Yue 16th "New Year Cake" Cup (Shanghai) 2 30/11/14
Thraximundar Nicolas Mestreau Commander de la rentrée (Libourne) 5-8 14/09/14
Thraximundar Dmitry Moiseev EDH1 @ BoM9 (Annecy) 5-8 03/05/14
Thraximundar Nicolas Mestreau Commander (Libourne) 1 20/04/14
Thraximundar Felipe "JJ" Dias Commander 1k (São Paulo, Brazil) 1 06/04/14
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