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Metagame Breakdown
Duel Commander
Selesnya Aggro decks
Deck Player Event Level Rank Date
Elfball Selvala, Explorer Returned Serputko Vyacheslav League 9 Duel Commander 2 16/06/19
Shalai, Voice Of Plenty Denovar DCM March 2019 2 31/03/19
Shalai Quentin Goyet Monthly French commander 2 17/02/19
Shalai, Voice Of Plenty Serputko Vyacheslav Volgograd City Championship 5-8 05/01/19
Shalai, Voice Of Plenty Serputko Vyacheslav Snow-Covered Cup 2018 @Moscow 1 09/12/18
Shalai, Voice Of Plenty Serputko Vyacheslav Volgograd DC daily 4 3-4 01/12/18
Shalai, Voice Of Plenty Jérémie Rosolowski Duel Commander 1 18/11/18
Shalai Serputko Vyacheslav Volgograd DC daily 2 3-4 09/11/18
Gw Aggro Giuseppe Cozzolino Duel Commander 2 20/09/18
Sigarda, Host of Herons Quentin Goyet Carta'Jeu Duel Commander July 2 30/07/17
Sigarda, Host Of Herons Kim Sarkovas CLM Top 8 @ Spellbox 5-8 22/05/17
Sigarda, Host Of Herons Arkadii Ozon Khorkov St. Petersburg Big DC Event 5-8 14/05/17
Sigarda, Host of Herons Riccardo Ghio Caos A.D. Genova [30HP] 1 11/10/16
Gaddock Teeg Jerzy Sikorski Commander Copernicon 2016 3 17/09/16
Captain Sisay Boris "stingeraa" Bogolepov Liga Generalov Leta 3.0 (30 Life) 5-8 08/09/16
Gaddock Teeg Martial "Mars" Moreau Trial DTC Nantes 1 11/06/16
Captain Sisay Pan Yude 32nd "New Year Cake" Cup (Shanghai) 4 28/02/16
Gaddock Teeg Andrea De Gradi Commandergeddon #2 (Milano , Italy) 1 31/01/16
Captain Sisay Wuke GT (jiji & bob) cup duel commander (Beijing) 3-4 31/10/15
Captain Sisay Pan Yude 25th "New Year Cake" Cup (Shanghai) 1 22/08/15
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